NBA star Chris Bosh’s mother named as a suspect in drug trafficking ring

Retired Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh
Retired Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is in the headlines again, and the stories have nothing to do with his expertise in basketball.

On Monday, Bosh delisted his $18 million mansion at 6396 North Bay Rd. without selling.

On Friday came news about another house believed to be owned by Bosh. This one’s in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto, Texas. TMZ Sports reports that the home was the target of a drug trafficking raid.

Bosh’s mother, Freida Bosh, is a suspect in said raid.

A rep for the Desoto Police Department tells TMZ “a large amount of drug paraphernalia was recovered consistent with narcotics trafficking.”

According to documents obtained by the site, the DeSoto Police Department raided the home Friday morning after obtaining a search warrant, which had her name on it.

Officials believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked through the home.

No arrests were made.

A law enforcement source told the site they don’t believe the NBA star is connected.

The athlete is reportedly out of town, attending the NBA Mexico City Games 2017.

Back in July, the Heat released Bosh and retired his No. 1 jersey.

This isn’t the first time Freida’s been in the news.

Back in 2013, the city of Dallas sued Chris Bosh in a lawsuit that accuses his brother of illegally operating a private party business at a historic building in the city that was owned by his mother.

The $2.3 million warehouse was the scene of wild parties and police incidents in recent years, reported The Dallas Morning News.

Freida Bosh had been notified that the building could not be occupied until it passed required inspections and received a certificate of occupancy.

“The building was later inspected by the city’s Building Inspection Department and failed each inspection, including electrical, fire, mechanical, plumbing and structural,” the statement said. “To the city’s knowledge, no repairs have been made to the building since that time.”