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Cops named who shot man suspected of home break-in as he sat in a car in the driveway

The two cops who shot a man suspected of burglarizing a North Miami Beach house while he was seated behind the wheel of a car in the home’s driveway were named Friday.

They are North Miami Beach police officers Michael Mundy and Michael Bolinger. Miami-Dade police, who are investigating the shooting, released the names of the two officers late Friday without any new information on why they fired their weapons.

According to police and witnesses, as the men approached the house on Monday, the absent homeowner was alerted by her cellphone surveillance app and notified police the men had knocked on her front door, then described how they were walking around back. They used a crowbar to break in. Police raced to the scene and found one man behind the wheel of a Chrysler and the other on the side of the home at 15131 NE 13th Ave.

During a confrontation with the man in the car, Mundy and Bolinger shot Dwanaunne Antonio Williams, who was struck in the arm. Police have not explained what prompted them to fire. While that was happening, Olajuwon Shaquille Baker took off running down an alley behind the home.

Police pursued Baker as he ducked into a shed, where they found him squatting with his hand near his waistband. They released a K9 named Duke, who clamped down on Williams’ leg, bit him on the forearm and dragged him out of the shed.

Police said the men stole a laptop, cellphones and two guns. They were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Williams, 20, was charged with armed burgary and resisting arrest without violence. Baker, 33, was charged with armed burglary, resisting arrest without violence and attempting to kill a police dog.