WWE cruiserweight entrant Lince Dorado on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

In this edition of the Kayfabe Wrestling Radio podcast, Host Alan Wojcik is joined by WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor and Florida indie wrestling standout Lince Dorado.

They discuss:

The creation of his character including his own wardrobe

The fun and difficulties of working under a mask

The differences between a normal wrestling crowd and a Lucha audience

Being friends and partners with the Lucha World Order (Mr 450, Cruz & Rios of Los Ben Dejos, Ricardo Rodriguez)

Favorite promotions to work for including Chikara

Running seminars and what he offers to attendees

Favorite opponents, people would love to work with and influences on his career

Being invited to be part of the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic in July

How social media helps him get bookings


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