FITE TV live streaming CZW, Evolve, Shimmer, WWN Supershow

FITE TV will be live-streaming six major PPV fighting events including wrestling shows CZW (April 1), Evolve 58 (April 1), Evolve 59 (April 2), Shimmer (April 2), and WWN Supershow (April 2).

There will also be a viewing party for all those events from Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas.

Flipps Media, a popular mobile app for entertainment enthusiasts to easily discover and project digital content onto a TV using only a smartphone, launches a new product, FITE TV. FITE is a one-stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline globally including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing and traditional martial arts.

“The global popularity of fighting sports was a catalyst to our decision to developing this new product, “said Kosta Jordanov, co-founder and CEO of Flipps Media. “Flipps has been downloaded by more than 15 million people and many of them gravitate towards our sports content. With over 300 million fighting sports fans and 150 million practitioners worldwide, FITE plans to leverage the global popularity of the sports by providing seamless TV access to all fighting related content.”

FITE is launching free and pay-per-view programming including live events, shows, movies and documentaries in collaboration with over 20 organizations such as: TNA Wrestling, Tuff-N-Uff MMA, Ring of Honor Wrestling, Legacy Fighting Championships, WWN Live, World Armwrestling Championships, USA Sumo and Xtreme Power TV.

“By leveraging the global popularity of combat sports, Flipps existing audience and their unique TV streaming technology, FITE is set to disrupt this space,” said Tim Draper, investor in Flipps Media. “As an early investor in Justin.TV to become Twitch, I’ve seen the power of niche video focus in establishing an exceptionally strong brand, attracting key partners and delivering an amazing value to viewers,” added the legendary investor Draper, inventor of viral marketing and an investor in numerous great companies including Skype, Hotmail, Tesla, Twitch, and Baidu.

FITE partnered with Jim Ross as the brand’s celebrity spokesperson, executive advisor and investor. Ross is widely known as the “Voice of WWE.” With more than 40 years of experience in the professional wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts world, the 2007 WWE Hall of Famer is one of the most prolific wrestling announcers and renowned wrestling executives at Mid-South Wrestling, Turner Broadcasting’s World Championship Wrestling and most recently for more than 20 years at WWE. The two-time New York Times Bestselling author also hosts a wildly popular weekly podcast, The Ross Report, with more than 750,000 weekly listeners on Podcast One and is a main stay in the Twitter Universe with 1.4 million followers. As WWE’s EVP of Talent, Ross was instrumental in attracting and developing such world-renowned personalities as The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, John Cena, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar.

“Getting involved with FITE is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It is the future of televised fighting sports,” said Jim Ross, executive advisor at FITE TV. “There is no easier way to stream wrestling, MMA and other fighting sports content including special commentaries on those sports by me.”

Ross will be hosting his live show, “Jim Ross and Friends” at 11 a.m. CT on Saturday, April 2 and Monday, April 4 at the House of Blues in Dallas.

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FITE TV is a product of Flipps Media and is a free mobile app that is a one-stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline globally including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, and traditional martial arts. With only access to a smart TV and a smartphone, with the FITE app, viewers can watch live events, on-demand programming, interviews and fighting sports related movies and documentaries on the big TV screen.

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Flipps delivers on-demand entertainment to any nearby connected TV from your mobile device without any additional hardware. The company has offices in San Mateo, New York and Sofia, Bulgaria and is backed by Tim Draper, Earlybird Venture Capital, Aslanoba Capital and LAUNCHub. Flipps’ patented technology immediately works with over 350+million connected TVs and is compatible with over 7,000 manufacturer models requiring no set up, no pairing devices, no cables, no dongles and no set top box. The Flipps mobile application is free and available on iTunes and Google Play. More information can be found at

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