Director Mark Chervinsky on The Roman Show

With “At What Cost? Anatomy of Professional Wrestling,” Director Mark Chervinsky takes a look at the lives of professional wrestlers and how the sport has impacted them physically and personally.

Chervinsky joined The Roman Show to discuss the documentary and shared his experience filming it. He takes viewers into the lives of professional wrestlers.

“I made it over a four-year period, interviewing some of the great wrestlers I grew up watching like Jake The Snake Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page,” he said. “I get their perspective on their career, all the indie guys around, guys trying to get in the business and the sacrifices they make to live their dream.”

He also interviewed Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Jerry Lynn, and more.

“It’s a mix of all the stories and what it takes to be part of the business,” Chervinsky said.

He also described how he managed to get the wrestlers to open about their careers.

“A lot of it is luck,” he noted. “I worked in with Wrestling Society X when I moved to Hollywood. I had access from David Marquez wrestling.”

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