‘Lucha Underground’ star, former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio on The Roman Show

Rey Mysterio of “Lucha Underground” joined The Roman Show to discuss removing his mask early in his career, Lucha Libre being appreciated in the United States, Kalisto and A.J. Styles.

In a one-on-one interview with the show’s host Rodolfo Roman, Mysterio promoted “Lucha Underground” currently airing on El Rey Network.

The former WWE champion talked about wrestling without his mask.

“It was a hard decision,” he said. “It wasn’t my call. It was on the hands of Eric Bischoff.”

He also said he started a new trend taking photos with fans with or without the mask.

“My uncle was doing it,” he said. “Silver King was also doing it. He had lost his mask. He came out in the movie ‘Nacho Libre.’ It’s always been a mystique to carry your mask. But it’s a new era of wrestling. A new trend started. I would take pictures without the mask. There are a lot of new fans who never saw that part of my career. They know me as Rey Mysterio with the mask.”

Mysterio also talked about why Lucha Libre hasn’t made a major impact in the United States and “Lucha Undergound” serving as the stage for luchadors.

“Mexico has a big roster, and there’s a lot of talent,” he said. “The United states is limited in what you can do. ‘Lucha Undergound’ is the gateway to any luchador who wants to come and be part of this roster.”

He later added, “Keep in mind. Lucha Libre hasn’t been displayed in the U.S. in abundance. It’s been subtle. The pioneer was Mil Mascaras. Then that died down, and new talent was rising. Eddie Guerrero was the next one, then Konnan. Konnan had big success.”


“Lucha Underground” is 8 p.m. ET/PT Wednesdays on El Rey Network, and the broadcast team features former WWE voices Hugo Savinovich and Matt Striker.


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