WWE Tough Enough’s Tanner on ‘Entertainment This Week;’ Review of ‘Sting: Into the Light’

WWE ‘Tough Enough’ competitor Tanner on ‘Entertainment This Week.’
WWE ‘Tough Enough’ competitor Tanner on ‘Entertainment This Week.’ Photo Courtesy WWE

“Entertainment This Week,” hosted by Mr. Hollywood Shannon Rose, featured:

Catherine Falk discussing the Catherine Falk Organization, plus her fond memories of her dad, Peter Falk, aka Columbo.

Man of Thousands of Voices Eric Harthen - Trump, Family Guy, Carson and more.

Tanner Saraceno from WWE “Tough Enough.” He talks ZZ, singing with Chris Jericho and more.

Also, Hot Topics as Rose is joined by Young and New Pundit Desiree Rochelle.


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‘Sting: Into the Light’

For fans like me, who grew up during the time of Jim Crockett Promotions/NWA/WCW, there was only one super babyface character, after Magnum TA had to retire because of a car accident.

Sting, a.k.a. Steve Borden.

From his arrival in 1987 to his WCW days, until WWE bought the promotion, and after, as he had several years of stellar work in TNA Wrestling.

The one question always lingered around Sting. Would he ever work for Vince McMahon and WWE? That became a reality at Survivor Series 2014, when Sting faced off with Triple H. WWE Productions covers his arrival to WWE as well as his entire career with a new DVD/Blu-Ray release entitled “Sting: Into The Light.”

Through archival and new interviews, Sting’s career is covered by the late Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Memphis promoter Jerry Jarrett, Scott Hall, Triple H, Tyson Kidd, announcer Jim Ross, Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Bill Goldberg, former WCW producer Eric Bischoff, John Cena, Ron Simmons, Diamond Dallas Page, Vader, plus his wife, mom, dad, brother (who is a pastor) and two children, Steve Jr. and Garrett.

You will not find anyone who has a bad word to say about Sting. I have interviewed several former colleagues over the years who would back that up. Sting is open and honest on his career highs and lows, including the transition from the bright colors to the dark Crow-like persona in 1996. You will get chills seeing Sting sign the contract, plus the Survivor Series debut. The creative process at WWE Headquarters with marketing, social media, merchandise and other departments is also covered, and it is very interesting backstage stuff.

Also amazing to watch is Sting going through is memorabilia shed (literally a shed), sitting in his home watching his classic Clash of the Champions and the Great American Bash 1990 match with World Heavyweight champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Starrcade 1997 with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan (including the backstage politics surrounding the match) on WWE Network.

Like the previous DVD “The Best of Sting,” you get 16 of his best battles including the WrestleMania match with Triple H.

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