Honoring the American Dream Dusty Rhodes with some Dusty creations, phrases, promos

To honor the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, below is my Top 10 list of Dusty creations, phrases and promos.

Rhodes, a WWE Hall of Famer and three-time NWA world champion, wore many hats during his professional wrestling career, including booker, commentator, creative, producer, promoter, teacher, trainer, and wrestler.

Most recently, Rhodes worked on mic skills and other facets of the business with up-n-coming talent at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. If you needed some guidance, some help on the mic, who better to teach you?

Top 10 Rhodes Way

10. Uvalde Slim (a forgotten treasure, slim indeed)

9. The Million Dollar Smile (Muhammad Ali learned from the best)

Another hat, Dusty the philosopher.

8. “I have wined and dined with Kings and Queens and slept in alleys eating pork-n-beans.”

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.

7. Bull of the Woods (Bunkhouse Stampede/Texas Bullrope promo: Dusty moooing -- not mooning -- moooing with cowbell is gold)

6. Shockmaster (Bad can be good; it elicited many smiles but for all the wrong reasons)

5. War Games (an NWA/WCW original)

4. Hard Times (classic emotional promo made you believe)

3. The Bionic Elbow and his gyrations (the crowd loved the way he moved in the ring, and when he delivered the Bionic elbow, they popped)

My favorite version is the CWF Midnight Rider promo, but I could not find it on YouTube.

2. The Midnight Rider (wow, he creates a character from one of his favorite songs, cuts a great promo to introduce it and home run)

1. The American Dream (you don’t have Dusty Rhodes without the American Dream, and you don’t have the American Dream without Dusty Rhodes)

Honorable Mentions

WWF polka dots (that’s how good he was as he turned chicken #$% into chicken salad, a rib into prime rib, simply the best)

Tree of woe (Hanging upside down on the turnbuckles by Kevin Sullivan, the devil himself)

Funky Like a Monkey (as only he could say it)

Tony, I’m Tiiired


NOTE: I did not include the Dusty Finish, because I was never a fan of the Dusty Finish (you win the title but on second thought). The Dusty Finish is pro-heel (bad guy) and anti-babyface (good guy). The babyface wins the title, finally, hooray, and starts celebrating with the exuberant crowd, but then the referees confer and return the belt to the heel, because the heel warranted a DQ, before the babyface pinned him. The title does not change hands on a DQ. Booooo.

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