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A talented Charly Caruso, who works for WWE and ESPN, adds MotiveCBD for her busy lifestyle

Charly Caruso — who can be seen weekly on WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network as an interviewer — is also the multi-talented Charly Arnolt, a driven, energetic and hard-working person wearing many hats.

She currently added a new one to her business ensemble, involved in MotiveCBD, along with other successful people from the sports world like Bode Miller and Gabby Douglas.

MotiveCBD is a new line of consistently tested CBD products designed to help athletes of all levels train, perform and recover.

Caruso, 31, grew up athletic in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ultra-competitive, she participated in gymnastics, softball and volleyball. Injuries cut short her Olympic gymnastic aspirations, and her size (5-foot-2) impeded college volleyball opportunities.

Still, she longed to be involved in sports and knew for a long time she would work in TV.

A graduate of North Central High School in Indianapolis and American University in the nation’s capital., she represented the Panthers and Eagles very well.


Though she never interviewed the Clawed Z Eagle, she interviewed just about anyone who is anybody in the NBA, the NFL and IndyCar series. She covered the Big 3 (Bosh, Wade, LeBron) in Miami, too.

Caruso is a TV veteran who has done everything from news reporting — covering sports — to lugging her own equipment into the hills as a one-woman band reporter.

As she grew older, she also became the embodiment of healthy living — eating right and working out regularly. Her intense training regimen even includes power lifting.

MotiveCBD helps in the process.

“CBD as a whole is nothing new, but Motive in the way they’re marketing and really targeting a certain audience is new and innovative, and I love it, and that’s why I’m part of it,” Caruso said. “CBD is an amazing tool and resource, especially for athletes or those people who like to stay active...CBD for me specifically is great for helping my muscles to recover, because I’m a weight lifter. I body build and power lift.

“So I frequently run into sore muscles, achy joints. My body usually hurts. So for me, CBD helps me to recover. It helps me to mentally unwind as well, because my lifestyle is so incredibly hectic that sometimes it’s hard for me to shut it down. CBD helps me to do that. Additionally, I’m able to sleep better. CBD helps me to get the best night’s sleep, and sleep is one of the most important recoveries that there is. I love CBD.”

She continued: “I’ve always been a fan [of CBD], and then when Motive approached me about working with them, I really liked that they targeted athletes at a high performance level. Gabby Douglas is on board with us. She’s a gymnastics Olympian. She is at the pinnacle of what athleticism is. CBD as far as Motive is concerned also targets athletes of all skill levels, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, which I love. CBD is a great tool for anybody. I know have my mother using CBD. She’s in her 60s. My 91-year-old grandmother uses CBD. My friends who I’m involved with in the business community in New York City use CBD. Literally, truly, it helps everybody. I love it.”

In Part 1 of my audio interview with her, Caruso talks hurricane, MotiveCBD, being athletic, gymnastics, injuries and more

After living in Indianapolis and spending a few months in Orlando, Caruso now calls New York City home. It’s close to Stamford, Connecticut, home base of sports entertainment leader WWE, and also Bristol, Connecticut, home base of sports leader ESPN, where Caruso also works.

An Attitude Era fan, she sneaked into the basement to get her weekly WWF (now WWE) fix, because her parents did not allow her to watch.

Fast forward to adulthood, Caruso was invited by friend and NFL Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan to a WWE SmackDown show in Indianapolis in 2016. Khan was in town for the NFL Combine. That’s the same Tony Khan who is now founder and president of All Elite Wrestling.

In Part 2 of my audio interview with her, Caruso discusses WWE, volleyball, Indy 500, Andrew Luck, American University, Tony Khan, Mark Carrano and more.

At that show, Caruso met WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano, who connected her with WWE Monday Night Raw play-by-play commentator Michael Cole. The longtime WWE TV personality is instrumental in hiring TV broadcasters and ring announcers for the company. Cole was very interested, but there were no openings.

When Brandi Rhodes, now the Chief Brand Officer for AEW, opted to leave WWE in May 2016, a door opened, and Caruso joined WWE.

She debuted as a ring announcer for NXT in 2016, but it didn’t take long for her to make the main roster, interviewing WWE superstars and hosting events, segments and shows, whether on USA Network, WWE YouTube, WWE social media or WWE Network.

In Part 3 of my audio interview with her, Caruso talks WWE, NXT, Brandi Rhodes, Big 3, Dolph Ziggler, comedy, role model, MotiveCBD and more.

She is very good at her job(s), earning the respect of co-workers, hierarchy, viewers and fans.

Twitter: @CharlyOnTV

Photo Courtesy MotiveCBD

WWE talent Charly Caruso joins sports stars Bode Miller,

Gabby Douglas to help launch MotiveCBD

Products are designed to help athletes of all ages and abilities train, perform and recover

Sept. 5, 2019 (Columbus, Ohio): MotiveCBD – a new line of CBD products designed to help athletes train, perform and recover – debuts under a new partnership with a group of athletes who have reached the highest levels of their respective professions.

“Motive was created by athletes for athletes and our goal is simply to keep people active and pain free,” said Corey Poches, Founder & CEO of MotiveCBD. “We provide a line of consistently-tested CBD products, formulated to fit any routine, that help athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes recover from sports-related conditions.”

MotiveCBD is launching in partnership with downhill skiing legend Bode Miller, Olympic gymnastics legend Gabby Douglas, former NFL star lineman Nick Mangold and champion bull rider Jess Lockwood, as well as fitness enthusiast and WWE/ESPN announcer Charly Caruso (Arnolt).

Miller retired in 2017 as America’s most decorated male alpine skier, winning two overall World Cup titles, six World Cup discipline titles and an Olympic gold medal. His go-for-broke style of racing made him one of the most popular American skiers of all time.

“Every athlete is driven by something that moves them and pushes them forward when faced with adversity,” said Miller. “I was injured frequently throughout my career and took motivation from a lot of different things to help me recover and perform at the highest levels. Based on my experiences with CBD and recovery I absolutely would have included Motive in my daily routine. No matter what type of athlete you are, or what drives you, Motive CBD will help you maintain.”

Douglas was the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the Individual All-Around Champion, and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympic games.

“My experiences in using CBD have led me to believe that I could have been more pain free throughout my gymnastics career if CBD had been allowed,” added Douglas. “I am glad that athletes across all Olympic sports will now have the opportunity to use these products and hopefully experience their benefits.”

All MotiveCBD products are manufactured using the finest CBD available and are tested by third parties to ensure quality and safety, guaranteeing industry-leading purity and consistency. All MotiveCBD products are approved for use in and out of competition by the World Anti Doping Association. The MotiveCBD product line includes:

  • Tinctures – 30mL vials containing 500mg of CBD in four flavors – Active Orange, Fresh Mint, Tropical Melon and Key Lime Lift. Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate tinctures retail for $49.99 per vial.
  • Fruit Chews – 30 cube package contains 10mg of CBD per cube in three flavors – Orange Cream, Wild Berry and Strawberry. Fruit chews retail for $49.99 per jar.
  • Mints – 10 mints per package contains 10mg of CBD per cube in a Fresh Mint flavor. Mints retail for $24.99 per pack.
  • Sports Cream – 100mL bottle contains 400mg of CBD in Menthol and Sandalwood scents. Sports Cream retails for $59.99 per bottle.
  • Capsules – 30 capsule package contains 25mg of CBD per capsule and is available in two forms: Muscle and Joint Support and Sleep Support. Capsules retail for $59.99 per jar.
  • Toothpicks – 10 toothpicks per package contains 25mg of CBD per toothpick in three flavors – Cinnamon, Mountain Berry and Bacon. Toothpicks retail for $24.99 per pack.

During its launch, MotiveCBD is inviting athletes who are curious about the benefits of CBD to take the #Motive8Challenge. Athletes can purchase a comprehensive package of products for $49.99 that comes with an eight-day CBD routine.

Athletes are encouraged to document their experience online using #Motive8Challenge for a chance to win free Motive product and prizes.

Visit www.MotiveCBD.com to purchase products and to learn more about how CBD can benefit an active lifestyle.

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