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Former WCW, WWE superstar Marc Mero making a difference helping kids, teens, young adults

Former WCW and WWE superstar Marc Mero is the author of “How to be the Happiest Person on the Planet.”

A very good speaker, he discusses his journey and the turnaround to students. Helping and inspiring young people is now the biggest and most important part of his life.

During his pro wrestling career in the 1990s, Mero (Johnny B Badd, Wildman Marc Mero, Marvelous Marc Mero) lived like a rock star. He traveled the world making bad choices -- alcohol and drugs, selfish and stupid. He almost died three times because of it. He lost sight of what truly mattered.

Mero, 54, is very candid and open about his negative choices No one made him do anything. They were his choices.

His video message currently has more than 30-million views on Facebook and 10-million views on YouTube, elaborating on why it is so critical to make the right decisions and explaining the repercussions of making the wrong ones.

Mero, living in Orlando, has dedicated his post-wrestling career to inspiring students to overcome bullying and self-destructive thinking. He says to set tangible goals and appreciate those who support them most in life.

He also said every student should have a safe learning environment. Repeated emotional and physical abuse can tragically lead to suicide or have life-long consequences on an individual’s self-esteem and well-being.

His Champion of Choices presentation is literally saving students lives by empowering them to make the right decisions. He receives hundreds of messages each day from students thanking him for changing their perspective on life.

He has appeared on several national television programs including CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Montel Williams, TBN's “Joy in our Town,” “The Good Life” on WTGL TV 45, and WKMG's “Making a Difference.”

Mero discusses:

* How has bullying taking over our schools?

* What can we do to defend ourselves from this behavior?

* Why are our choices so critical to the direction we lead?

* How can we help our youth to make better decisions?

* How can we help others through adversity?

* Why are our parents so important for building a solid foundation?

* How has Champion of Choices continued to spread their message?

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