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Multitalented Samantha Smart tests herself on the mat with Women Of Wrestling

It’s hard to be humble when you’re that smart, and Samantha Smart is that smart and thus not too humble.

Intelligence is the cornerstone of her wrestling persona, and her arrogance, her attitude, her delivery, her execution make her one of the top heels on the WOW — Women Of Wrestling — roster.

Her mantra is innovations in artificial intelligence, but she is a natural on the mic.

On AXS TV Fridays during broadcasts of WOW, Smart mocks the WOW superheroes, the referees, the fans and anyone else standing in her way. No matter where, no matter when, her academia is on display.

Her WOW character hails from Small Town, Indiana, but her character is actually larger than life.

I don’t think even WOW owner Jeanie Buss or AXS TV leader Mark Cuban could match wits with this academic standout.

(Maybe Sheldon Cooper or David McLane)

Audio interview:

Smart discusses her wrestling persona, education, her parents, Stephens College, sports and more.

Graduating magna cum laude from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, she majored in product development with minors in visual arts and business. She also starred in tennis.

In high school, she was first chair flautist and achieved perfect attendance. Her parents also excelled in academics and punctuality.

Thus, Smart’s IQ is off the charts, and she uses her smarts and those charts to best her opposition.

New to in-ring competition, Smart must out-think those more experienced in mat action.

Since perfection is her only option, she has her work cut out mastering the scientific-style of original professional wrestling. Still, if a shortcut is needed, this genius will take that approach, following her data on her notes.

wowoct10_688 (1).png

Like a good quarterback, Smart studies the opposition, researching strengths and weaknesses by watching wrestling matches live or video.


Copy of smartsunset 2.PNG

Not just a high IQ brainiac, Smart is also bold and beautiful.

Smart even hired a disciplinarian — The Disciplinarian — to help her deal with the unruly and uncooperative Superheroes of WOW. They maintain order thanks to their aptitude, a yardstick ruler and paddle.


wowoct10_692 (1).png

Away from the camera, Smart works behind the scenes as an executive manager with the company.

Photos Courtesy WOW Holdings LLC

WOW Women Of Wrestling is 9 p.m. Fridays on AXS TV.

Smart’s academia is on display each Friday night whether it’s leading The Disciplinarian, stepping into the ring or performing her altruistic duties of live Tweeting during the show.

Through live Tweeting, she can endow her IQ inferiors “with bona fide insight they overtly lack.”

For Samantha Smart, well said.

Twitter: WowSamanthaSmart

Twitter: WOWSuperheroes

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