WWE alum talks Women of Honor title match at ROH Death Before Dishonor and more

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Tenille Dashwood will be in Las Vegas on Sept. 28, but she wants the world to know what she does there, especially if she claims gold.

Tenille challenges Sumie Sakai for the Women of Honor title as Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view is that night, beginning 9 p.m. at the Orleans Arena.

Tenille talks ROH Death Before Dishonor, Women of Honor title, Sumie Sakai, new look, cooking and more.

Tenille is from Boronia, Victoria, Australia. Her ability, work ethic, desire and aptitude led to stints in Shimmer, Ring of Honor and WWE, where she helped open doors for other Aussie wrestlers.

The 29-year-old began her wrestling journey in her native land at age 13. Knowing she needed to branch out to make the big stage, she traveled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2008, training at the Storm Wrestling Academy, under the direction of ECW, WCW and WWE alum Lance Storm.

Storm said: “She trained with me about a decade ago, and I was always impressed with her maturity level. She was 19 years of age and knew what she wanted and traveled all the way from Australia to make it happen. She was always a super hard worker, and we became friends pretty quick. She was super tough. I’ve seen her pop her shoulder completely out of the socket and while in extreme pain put it back in herself.”

That shoulder caused problems initially, which she overcame.

Storm said: “I remember the joy she had when she first earned her WWE contract and the sadness when she initially failed her medical exam because of her shoulder. Even that didn’t keep her down. She went back to Australia, had surgery and fought her way back and got her WWE shot a year or so later.”

Tenille began training in Tampa for WWE’s developmental program FCW. Shortly after, the WWE Performance Center opened in Orlando, and FCW became NXT in August 2012.

When Tenille transformed into Emma — a clumsy dancer character — her popularity grew. You probably won’t ever see her on ABC’s “Dancing with The Stars,” but her quirky dance steps, fan support and wrestling acumen led to a historic match with Paige for the inaugural WWE NXT women’s title in 2013.

Storm said: “I truly believe her match with Paige in the first NXT Women’s Tournament Final was the spark that ignited the Women’s Evolution in WWE. Her and Paige had such a great match WWE couldn’t help but take the women wrestlers more seriously. They cracked open the door that others would eventually push open, but it started with that match.”

Tenille — who became the first Aussie woman to sign with WWE — talks Lance Storm, WWE, indies, Australia, wrestling worldwide and more.

With her wrestling career on the upswing, Tenille recently provided some insight on her personal life, which will hopefully help others.

Tenille talks going public with her skin issues, helping others and more.

Tenille talks dancing, Boronia, Women of Honor and more.

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