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Blake Chadwick ready for the big time; Pro wrestling shows in August In South Florida

Blake Chadwick (left) and Elgin David call the action for BluePrint Pro Wrestling in South Florida. Chadwick is very experienced, broadcasting wrestling and ring announcing throughout the country. David is an established actor, comedian, host/emcee and wrestling aficionado.
Blake Chadwick (left) and Elgin David call the action for BluePrint Pro Wrestling in South Florida. Chadwick is very experienced, broadcasting wrestling and ring announcing throughout the country. David is an established actor, comedian, host/emcee and wrestling aficionado.

If WWE is looking for a broadcaster who looks the part, has the experience and the voice, dresses the part and is knowledgeable on the subject, then Blake Chadwick is that person.

Chadwick, 32, is in his 15th year as a pro wrestling broadcaster and ring announcer. You’ll get to hear his work, when Ring Warriors debuts on WGN America, beginning Saturday, Sept. 15.


Joining Chadwick will be former NWA World Tag Team Champion Vito DeNucci (Larry Brannon) and WWE alum Killer Ken Resnick.

Chadwick, who was born in in Norfolk, Virginia, was also raised there.

“Growing up in the heart of the mid Atlantic, I was an NWA guy, first and foremost,” Chadwick said. “I loved the WWF as well, but the NWA came to town about once a month, if not more. I have hundreds of Apter mags as well as action figures.

“From about age 2-3, I would set up the figures and create matches like a booker and call the action. That is where my love of commentary really came to fruition. I also enjoyed WCCW and AWA, then really became a fan of USWA and Global, due to the afternoon ESPN time slot. That was appointment television after school.”

Speaking of school, Chadwick spent time in South Florida, too, when he attended college at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in 2004.

Chadwick’s first working pro wrestling show occurred prior in July 2004 in Hampton, Va. From that point until the fall of 2009, he served as ring announcer for Vanguard Championship Wrestling in southeastern Virginia. He also started doing commentary for the indie group.

In the spring 2011, Chadwick was introduced to Florida indie wrestler Tommy Vandal for an interview for FAU radio about an upcoming wrestling event.

“That was the beginning of not only a lifelong friendship, but my official introduction to Florida independent wrestling,” Chadwick said. “I had knocked on CCW’s door for a year or so and never made any headway. Anthony invited me to FOW where I did backstage interviews. Soon after, I was brought on to do commentary.”

By early 2012, Chadwick became the commentator and ring announcer for FOW.

“My big break came in early 2013 when Ring Warriors booked me to ring announce a live event at Broward College [in South Florida],” he recalled. “After some support from others, in July of that year, I was named lead play-by-play commentator for Ring Warriors foray into television. This exposed me to the rest of the state and a lot of the country.”

Chadwick started receiving bookings in other parts of Florida and began getting national recognition. He worked throughout Florida and Virginia, but In early 2015, he did commentary for a weekly pro wrestling TV show, AML Wrestling, based in Winston Salem, N.C.

“That led to a huge year,” he said, ”as I got the spot at Paragon Pro Wrestling in Las Vegas, WrestleCade in North Carolina and then the West Coast Wrestling Connection in Portland, Oregon.”

Chadwick, who currently resides in Boca Raton, is not only excited about his opportunity calling the action for Ring Warriors on WGN America, but he is lead commentator for the upstart BluePrint Pro Wrestling in South Florida and will be the ring announcer for Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum show, under the direction of WWE alum Gangrel, also in South Florida.

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BluePrint Pro in Deerfield Beach

BluePrint Pro Wrestling hosts a show 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 4 at the DS SportsPlex in Deerfield Beach.


Treehouse Lee, American Top Team’s King Mo, Maxx Stardom, American Top Team’s John Hartnett, Omar Amir, Skinny Vinny, American Top Team’s Blake Bowman, Effy, Joe Keys, Coast 2 Coast, Gym Nasty Boys, MLW’s Dirty Blondes, Savannah Evans, Gabby Ortiz.

Also, Clara Sinclare, American Top Team’s John The Jet, Montana Black, Movie Myk w/Big Zo, Jayson Falcone, Chuckles The Clown, Ken Dixon, Beastly, Shawn Donavan, Metro Brothers, Matt Delray, That Klassic Tag Team (Kiko and Kody) and Eddie Taurus.

Chris Van Vliet of WSVN Ch.7 Deco Drive is the ring announcer. Van Vliet also interviews wrestlers for his highly successful YouTube channel.

With Mike Bortner and Jamil Malik leading the charge, BluePrint Pro is a newer indie group with a veteran presence, including Chadwick.

Chadwick is on commentary with multi-talented (actor, comedian, host/emcee and wrestling aficionado) Elgin David.

Visit www.blueprintprowrestling.com and FacebookBluePrintProWrestling

Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum in Dania Beach

Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum, run by WWE alum Gangrel, has a show at 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 12 at its training center in Dania Beach.


The show features NWA legend the Tokyo Monster Kahagas, the British Wolf, Chico Adams, Dynamite Didi, Juan Silvestre, Flex Stud Magnum.

Also, Rocky Radley, Abel, Snakemaster Abudadein, Anna Diaz, Jorden Extacy, Trevor Read, the Lucero Twins (Nicolth and Tiffany), and more, including Chadwick as the ring announcer.

It’s not just about the shows.

Gangrel is training those interested in pursuing a career (wrestler, manager, valet, referee) in pro wrestling.

Visit https://gwaflorida.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/GWAFLORIDA/

Platinum Pro in West Palm Beach

Platinum Pro Wrestling makes its West Palm Beach debut at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 at the Crossfit Squad.


The show features Platinumweight Champ CJ O’Doyle with Fabulous Frank, Diamond Division Champ Rocky Radley and Doubles Division Champs The Establishment Cash and Flash (Derek Dominick and Max A. Million) with Fabulous Frank.


Platinum Pro Wrestling “A Cut Above The Rest” is under the guidance of Jeff J-Dawg Brooks.

Visit FacebookPlatinumProWrestling

FEW in Clewiston

Fighting Evolution Wrestling is 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 at the John B. Boy Auditorium in Clewiston.


See WWE alums The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher), Soulman Alex G, 2017 Mae Young Classic participant Renee Michelle, Sweet Johnny Velvet, Judge Jack, JB Cool, Ace Mayhem and more.

FEW, through the leadership of JB Cool, is training talent in various roles in front of the camera and behind it.

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CCW in Coral Springs

Coastal Championship Wrestling is 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Coral Springs Charter School Gym in Coral Springs.

The event is highlighted by the eighth annual Boris The Great Malenko Memorial Cup, named after the late, great wrestler and trainer who has meant so much to the history of Florida wrestling. This is the first time the Malenko Cup Battle Royal winner will be determined in South Florida.

Joe and Debbie Malenko, the siblings of The Great Malenko, will be there as well as WWE alum Carlito, 61-year-old rookie The Blue Collar Man Joe Sarracino with son Joey, Bob Cook with Delicious D, Santos, Frank Reyes, Stryker Ramirez with Erik Effron, Cha Cha Charlie, Chelsea Durden, Johnny Walker, Will The Thrill Osten, Jake St. Patrick, Jurrassic Juggernaut 6-8 and 450-pound Vince Steele and more.

CCW, under the direction of Dan Evans and Pablo Marquez, is affiliated with the Main Event Training Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/ccwevents/

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