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Review of WWE 2K18 video game

The deluxe edition of WWE 2K18, covered by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, is available via PlayStation4.
The deluxe edition of WWE 2K18, covered by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, is available via PlayStation4. Photo Courtesy 2K

WWE 2K18 is another step forward for 2K on its way to becoming the perfect professional wrestling game of all time. However, this does not mean that the game is completely flawless. While certain game modes were introduced, the preexisting game modes from the previous year did not show much improvement with a few exceptions.

This year’s MyCareer mode is revamped just a bit to make it different from last year. It gives you a choice to become a “Company Man” or a “Fan Favorite,” which means you can choose to be a heel or a babyface. Aside from the addition of free roaming backstage, the MyCareer mode is more or less the same mode we saw last year with some semblance of a story being told.

There is a new game mode featured this year that is connected to the MyCareer mode: Road to Glory. This is where you take the wrestler that you have created and pit them against other gamers’ wrestlers. This would allow gamers to compete on a virtual card that reflects the event that WWE is doing at the time.

With the Road to Glory mode comes the most dreaded thing gamers could ever possibly fathom: loot boxes. With these loot boxes, it makes almost impossible to get certain moves or attire unless you spend thousands of VC points hoping you get what you want. It is counter intuitive to feature loot boxes for modes where move sets and clothing choices are limited.

The best part about WWE 2K18 is this year’s Creation Suite. The Creation Suite allows gamers to create a variety of wrestlers and arenas that are not featured in the game. It is quite expansive as gamers can sculpt and/or face scan their way to even bringing fantasy characters to a WWE virtual ring. The Create-An-Arena feature is way more extensive this year as there are many arena templates that can be used including smaller venues like a gymnasium or a bingo hall ala Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The gameplay presentation and graphics for WWE 2K18 are outstanding. The one consistent thing about the WWE 2K series is that always manage one-up themselves each year with the aesthetics of the game. The models are almost as realistic as the performers we see in the squared circle on television and on the WWE Network.

The same can be said about the arenas, the crowds and the presentation of the game. Each match that is played in the game feels like an exact duplicate from what is shown weekly on programs such as “Monday Night Raw,” “SmackDown” and “NXT.” The animation during certain aspects of gameplay also has some neat little details that feels authentic like the way wrestlers crawl to the corner of the ring after getting hit with a devastating maneuver.

The gameplay for WWE 2K18 remains the same as last year, but there is a new addition to the gameplay mechanics: the carry system. The carry system is exactly what it sounds like as this mechanic allows gamers to carry their prone opponents. They can be lifted in four different positions: fireman’s carry, cradle, over the shoulder and powerbomb. Depending on the which wrestler you choose, finishers can be utilized via the carry system like Brock Lesnar’s F5 or The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver. If that doesn’t work for you, you can always use the carry system to drop your opponents on the ring apron, barricade, turnbuckle or ring ropes.

WWE 2K18 is far from perfect courtesy of an uninspiring MyCareer mode and the addition of loot boxes. However, 2K continues the tradition of creating one of the best-looking wrestling game ever each year. The top-notch graphics and the deep creation suite is the reason to buy this game.

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About the writer

Steve Mesa, a longtime gamer, is former U.S. Champion of the WWE 2K Video Game Challenge.

For WWE 2K18, Mesa has 28 wins and 13 losses online. He has played 28 hours (including 3.5 hours in exhibition matches. 4.5 hours in WWE Universe, 8 hours in Creation Suite, 2.5 hours in MyCareer).

WWE 2K18 is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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