Playing video games growing up, WWE champ now in one

WWE Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss is featured in WWE 2K18, a video game that is also available via Nintendo Switch, beginning Wednesday, Dec. 6. It’s the first time in five years a WWE video game will be available on a Nintendo platform.
WWE Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss is featured in WWE 2K18, a video game that is also available via Nintendo Switch, beginning Wednesday, Dec. 6. It’s the first time in five years a WWE video game will be available on a Nintendo platform. Photo Courtesy 2K

Alexa Bliss grew up playing video games like Crash Bandicoot and Crazy Taxi. The WWE superstar also has fond memories of challenging her dad in NBA Street.

Even today, the current Raw women’s champ enjoys checking out the latest releases and consoles.

Bliss, who has Nintendo Switch, is excited that WWE 2K18 is available on Nintendo Switch, beginning Wednesday, Dec. 6. It’s the first time in five years a WWE video game is available on a Nintendo platform.

“A lot of times, when we travel, a lot of people on the road have the Switch going,” Bliss said. “We will all connect on the Switch and play the games against each other. It’s obviously the healthier alternative than partying, but it’s great. It takes any kind of stress out because you are focused on something that is lighthearted and fun. It helps with the time for sure.”

The fact “Five Feet of Fury” is a playable character in a WWE video game is not lost on her. The 26-year-old remembers seeing her name revealed online as part of the roster for the first time.

“It was awesome,” Bliss said. “I was impressed how I’m portrayed. They continue to update my character and my appearance. Each year the graphics get more and more incredible. They have my entrance down to a tee... If I don’t like the outcome of a match or lose a match or something, I’ll go redo it on 2K18 and hopefully win.”

The tag of this installment of the 2K series is “Be Like No One.” It’s a mantra Bliss lives by, pushing the importance of embracing who you are. Herself and best friend Nia Jax have used social media and other avenues to send this positive message.

“I feel like social media is a great platform for that,” Bliss said. “Me, personally, when I was going through my issues. I didn’t have anyone to look up to and say, ‘Hey, I’ve gone through this, and I turned out just fine.’ That’s something that is needed, especially being on the opposite end of the spectrum of wanting to know has anyone gone through this. Am I the only one? To be able to have a social media platform and following that we can be like, ‘Hey, we’ve been through this too.’ We go through everyday struggles.

“It’s really great we can open up and have our voices be heard on a personal level other than a character level. Obviously, at work Alexa Bliss would never admit anything is wrong with her because nothing is wrong with Alexa Bliss. As a person, everything in daily life can affect us. I think it’s great we can share that on social media and Nia preaches body positivity. I share the same sentiment. It’s like in WWE 2K18, be like no one.”

Bliss remains atop the women’s division on Monday nights at one of the most competitive times in company history. Asuka arrived not long ago from NXT and shown dominance. Other new faces from NXT in Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville joined the returning Paige to form the faction Absolution.

“I’m really excited we have women returning and women coming up,’ Bliss said. “Our division needs it. With the women’s revolution going on, it can only help. There is no bad that can come of it because WWE is good about evolving and bringing in new talent. That’s our source. To have people coming in and returning, it’s great…I’ve only had a few matches against Paige on NXT and a few live events. To have her on Raw, I’m real excited to see her back in action. It’s nice to see her happy and healthy. I’m really happy for her.”

There have been some fans who wonder if some of the talent have graduated to the main roster prematurely. That they lack the experience. Bliss can relate to the criticism.

“Here’s the thing. People say I was called up too soon,” Bliss said. “I thought I was called up too soon. It’s not about when you’re called up. It’s what you do with the opportunity. As long as they take advantage of every opportunity, I think it’s great to have them.”

Another big topic of conversation are rumors and speculation about a first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match. If it were to happen, Bliss is on board.

“I think WWE has been ready for that forever,” she said.

“Our women have been ready to step up and push those boundaries and glass ceiling since day one. The fact that we are in this women’s revolution and there are constantly opportunities being given to us that we’ve earned. I think it’s great. I think it’s the next step. Hopefully, one day we main event WrestleMania because I feel like our women can do that.”

With the 2K games, the WWE Universe relive matches they’ve seen or create ones that never happened. Bliss has a dream bout of her own she wishes can come to fruition.

“I’m going to throw it out there. Not saying it will ever happen, but I’d love for it to. I want it to be Nia and I versus the Bella’s versus Trish [Stratus] and Lita,” she said.

“Three groups of best friends, three-way tag match. I think it would be great.”

Winning the women’s championship multiple times, Bliss stays motivated with the ultimate goal of growing and evolving. She strives to keep her character fresh on television. “Little Miss Bliss” is always looking to improve in the ring and hone her promo skills.

“I try to make the most of every opportunity. If you don’t, especially in WWE, those opportunities won’t come around again,” she said.

“…For inspiration, I watch people. William Regal once told us he people watched when he was in the ring. He would see things that people would do. And if they annoyed him, chances are they would annoy someone else. A lot of times I’ll just people watch when I’m traveling or at the airport or living everyday life. If something annoys me and I think, ‘That’s rude.’ If I found it rude, I thought others would too. A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday people.”

Viewers of Total Divas on E! are getting to see the women behind one of the most devious female superstars in WWE today. Bliss finds it ironic that a lot of times she is the peace keeper outside the ring, yet onscreen she plays the trouble-maker.

“I was at a 2K signing in New York and fans would come up and say, ‘You’re so different in person than you are on TV.’ I know that, but to be able to have the fans see that is really cool,” Bliss said.

“It’s nice to be able to show how we are like in person and give a peak behind the curtain with Total Divas. That’s been my biggest feedback is how different than I am behind the scenes than I am onstage.”

That you’re so believable in a role people believe one is in the same. Perhaps, one of the biggest compliments any performer including a WWE superstar.

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