Preview of Ronin Pro Wrestling show in Pembroke Pines

Ronin Pro Wrestling Champ Alex Chamberlain will defend the belt at Ronin 17 on Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Broward College South Campus Gym in Pembroke Pines.
Ronin Pro Wrestling Champ Alex Chamberlain will defend the belt at Ronin 17 on Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Broward College South Campus Gym in Pembroke Pines. Photo By Steve Mesa

Ronin Pro Wrestling’s final show of 2017 will occur on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Broward College South Campus Gym in (South Florida) Pembroke Pines.

This marks Ronin’s 17th show.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with a pre-show meet-n-greet.

Two Ronin originals will be going up against two Ronin newcomers. Teddy Stigma takes on Papadon, and Main Man Malken faces Chris Silvio. Stigma looks to keep up his momentum after picking up a win against GPA when he faces Papadon, a staple of New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, N.Y.

Malken has remained undefeated since the beginning of the year as he garnered wins against Joey Ryan and Jon Cruz. In his bout with the latter, Kamilla Kaine nailed a distracted Cruz when the referee was knocked out. That gave Malken the opportunity to nail his finisher and get the win. Following the match, Malken get on the mic and declared that himself, Kaine and “The Diamond Diva” Amy Rose are now known as The Malken Militia.

With a win against Jay Rios at Ronin 16, EVOLVE’s Darby Allin looks to keep the momentum going when wrestling the Official PBR Pro Wrestler Arik Cannon. Both have also been making a scene upstate at FEST Wrestling in Gainesville, but this will be the first time that these men will go at it in the squared circle.

Jessicka Havok and Samantha Heights made their impressive Ronin debuts at Ronin 16. These ladies will go mano-a-mano at Ronin 17, but it will not be the first time they have faced one another. Heights teamed with Candice LaRae to defeat Allysin Kay (ake Impact Wrestling’s Sienna) and Havok at Chicago’s AAW End of Innocence in February. However, Havok got some retribution when she pinned Heights a month later at AAW The Chaos Theory 2017. Will Heights avenge her loss after dethroning Aria Blake at Ronin 16 or is Havok’s imposing force too much to handle?

Aaron Epic’s rise in Ronin has been impacting ever since debuting back at Ronin 9. He went undefeated by beating men such as AR Fox and Mr. 450 until he suffered his first loss at the hands of Martin Stone at Ronin 16. This time around, he will be battling Impact Wrestling’s Caleb Konley who was last seen in Ronin challenging Alex Chamberlain for the Ronin Heavyweight Championship. Both have something to prove after losing their last matches as Ronin, but which competitor will come out on top?

Somebody might have to call a few air traffic controllers because the triple threat bout featuring AR Fox, Dezmond Xavier and Jay Rios will feature some death-defying maneuvers. Fox made his Ronin debut in January at Ronin 13 in a show-stealing performance against DJ Z. Fox has gone against Xavier countless time with several victories under his belt, and Rios teamed with Jon Cruz to take on Fox and WWE’s Rich Swann in 2013 at NWA FUW in Kissimmee.

Making their debut at Ronin 16, Pop Culture (Jason Cade and Veda Scott) made a name for themselves after getting a win from the Death Machines (Sami Callihan and Jessicka Havok). They will be facing a familiar team from FEST Wrestling’s Xmas in July: the team of TC Read and Mike Monroe, aka TECH, with Gentleman Jim Sherbert. TECH has been in Ronin since day one, and the group has battled WWE Hall of Famers the Rock-N-Roll Express, The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae) and Scarlett and Graves (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz).

The main event will feature Ronin Heavyweight Champion Alex Chamberlain defending the belt against “The Guvnor” Martin Stone. Chamberlain first captured the Ronin title in a no-disqualification match against Sonjay Dutt. He has also turned away other challengers, including Caleb Konley and Matt Sydal.

Stone has gone undefeated since January 2016 as he has vanquished the likes of Johnny Gargano and Ethan Page. With one step closer to glory, will Stone finally be the man who overthrow Chamberlain as the champ? How far will Chamberlain be willing to go to make sure the championship remains with him?

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