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Super crowd for Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor in Lakeland

The Hardy Boyz vs. the Young Bucks in a main event ladder match for the Ring of Honor tag team titles in front of a large crowd at ROH’s Supercard of Honor XI on Saturday, April 1 at the Lakeland Center in Central Florida.
The Hardy Boyz vs. the Young Bucks in a main event ladder match for the Ring of Honor tag team titles in front of a large crowd at ROH’s Supercard of Honor XI on Saturday, April 1 at the Lakeland Center in Central Florida.

The Lakeland Center in Central Florida hosted this year’s SuperCard of Honor, and Ring of Honor noted it was the most attended event in Ring of Honor’s history. Not surprising, as wrestling fans came from all around the globe to watch one of the most anticipated shows of the year on Saturday, April 1.

Supercard of Honor XI showcased international stars from Japan and Mexico and integrated them with the already well established home grown stars of Ring of Honor.

The ROH Fan Fest began at 2 p.m. with a CMLL match and then Women of Honor matches at 5 p.m.

CMLL Luchador Showcase: Marcela vs. La Amapola.

Women of Honor: Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose vs. Sumie Sakai and Faye Jackson; Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo.

The main show kicked off at 6 p.m. with The Villain Marty Scurll defending his ROH TV Championship against Adam Cole.

Before the match, Scurll said: “I've come here for some competition, and I am obviously going to cause a spot of bother,” which is what he did from the beginning, in true villainous fashion, kicking away Cole’s attempt to enact the legendary Code of Honor. The match itself gave fans exactly what they expected from these two performers; great back and forth action with believable near-falls, and even a comedic moment outside of the ring that saw each man wielding a weapon, deciding weather or not to use it to their advantage. The match culminated with the ever clever villain outsmarting Cole for the win.

The promo before the 6-man tag match was great. It told the story of how Bully Ray trained The Guerrillas of Destiny many years ago at the Team 3D Academy in Kissimme (which is about 30 miles from Lakeland), and how if Ray could make them who they are, then he certainly could break them, especially with the Briscoe brothers by his side. The Guerrillas of Destiny and their partner, Hangman Adam Page had a different view point.

“Bully Ray cant just come into a company like Ring of Honor and walk around like he owns the place,” Page said.

During their match, the student/teacher storyline was heavily played, by having a few face-offs between Ray and G.O.D, with the latter even using a few of the patented Dudley tactics. It wasn’t enough as Ray and the Briscoes proved why they hold the 6-man gold.

The Bullrope match between Jay Lethal and Cody Rhodes was in the plan for months, as Rhodes revealed during an interview at Manhattan Mayhem, “Jay will be dressed like a cowboy for our match; we plan to keep things traditional.”

Traditional was exactly the way they kept it, with Lethal in jeans and a cowboy hat, and Rhodes in a shirt that read “Lethal Sucks Eggs,” which was a tribute to his father, Dusty Rhodes and his legendary feud with Terry Funk. Cpdy also sported white cowboy boots that belonged to his late, great father. They utilized the bullrope and cowbell well, while incorporating some big spots involving tables and chairs. When the dust and blood settled, Lethal stood tall over Rhodes, who served Lethal with the cowbell as a sign of respect.

Next up, a match that fans were anxiously awaiting was Will Ospreay and Volador Jr. vs. Dragon Lee and Jay White. This match was four incredibly talented guys with an amazing sense of acrobatic athleticism. It was truly an international showcase of flips. White said prior to the match, “No doubt the four of us are going to tear the roof of the place.” Now, these sorts of matches get a lot of flack for not being wrestling in the traditional sense, but the fans there knew what the match entailed and loved every minute of it. “You can expect fireworks,” White said, and that was exactly the type of match those four men created, delivering to the fans just as White promised.

Then began the first of the double main event, ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels defending his title against No.1 contender Dalton Castle. Daniels acted as a true champion, proud of all that he and Ring of Honor have accomplished. He said, “The greatest wrestlers in the world are in this locker room, and for me to be the champion, it is a badge of honor that I hold dear to my heart.”

It was Daniels first proper title defense on a big ROH stage, and fans knew that it meant Castle had virtually no chance of winning the belt. It had the ingredients from both men who the fans know and love, including great comedic spots involving Castle and his boys, and great ring work from Daniels.

The last and biggest match of the night saw the rematch between ROH Tag Team champions The Broken Hardys and the team they defeated at Manhattan Mayhem for the titles, The Young Bucks. The ladder match was the culmination of the legacy that the Hardys began, and the Young Bucks cemented. It blended the best of the previous and current eras of high-flying golden boys, and the crowd was on fire for every moment of it. These two teams managed to incorporate new, unique ways to defy death with a ladder. After almost 30 minutes of broken bodies and ladder, the Young Bucks were victorious to recapture the gold they lost just a few months prior.

After the match, The Young Bucks thanked the Hardys for being an inspiration to them growing up and while becoming wrestlers and how honored they were to share the ring with their idols. Matt returned the compliment by putting over the Bucks in saying that they were the best team they have ever faced in their career, and that the Bucks proved that tag team wrestling was here to stay and can main event and fill a house. That sentiment was shared by an adorning crowd, who were happy to see such an ending between two of the most beloved tag teams in the business.

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ROH Star Making Music

The Heavy Metal Rebel Frankie Kazarian’s band Vex Temper released a new album ‘Doom Engine,’ which you can listen and purchase on Itunes here:


Last year Vex Temper recorded “Get Addicted,” the entrance music for the tag team Daniels and Kazarian. 

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