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Impact Wrestling Al Snow on The Roman Show from PWR Party Orlando

Impact Wrestling’s Al Snow shared his favorite WrestleMania moments.

Snow spoke to The Roman Show at the Pro Wrestling Report Shenanigans VIP Party, hosted by Kevin Nash, at The Pub at Pointe Orlando on Saturday, April 1 during WrestleMania Week.

Snow is no stranger to WrestleMania as he performed in a couple of the grandest shows in professional wrestling.

“WrestleMania was at that level then but now is off the charts,” he said. “I think WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon had that vision to make it what it is now even from the very first one. That vision brought it to where it is today. Back in the day the pinnacle of your career was to wrestle in Madison Square Garden; now it’s to wrestle at WrestleMania. I’ve been fortunate to do that several times.”

He later added: “It’s the fact that you are on one of the biggest stages that you are on in the wrestling business. It doesn’t get any bigger. You don’t get a bigger platform.”

The ECW and WWE veteran also discussed the WrestleMania ambience.

“The vibe, it doesn’t matter if its Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, the vibe is always incredible,” he said. “WrestleMania is an event like the Olympics. It’s been taken to that level. Cities compete for WrestleMania, and rightfully so. It’s spectacular. I don’t even know how to describe it.”

See and hear Snow talk about his bachelor party celebration and more.

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