A Perfect 10 chant: ‘DuDu-Dut-DuDuuu-Sheamus And Cesaro’

The return of WWE Superstar Finn Balor brought the ultra-rowdy Raw crowd to its feet at the Amway Center the night after WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.
The return of WWE Superstar Finn Balor brought the ultra-rowdy Raw crowd to its feet at the Amway Center the night after WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Photo By Jim Varsallone


Now that’s a hot crowd.

WrestleMania 33 on Sunday, April 2 was The Ultimate Thrill Ride, and Monday Night Raw the following night The Ultimate Thrill.

To be a part of the live crowd -- and it was very alive from opening Undertaker chants to Goldberg salute -- just electric.

They booed, cheered, yelled, jumped, danced, Yes’d, and Suplex City’d, and also cursed Roman Reigns repeatedly.

When Paul Heyman mentioned Roman Reigns, booooo. Even when Reigns appeared in any WWE video package during commercials, they booed. That’s what you get for beating The Undertaker in his final match in the main event of WrestleMania 33.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Yep, they ‘Deleted’ him. A couple of others, too, but mainly Reigns.

The Raw return of the Hardys, Finn Balor and Kurt Angle. Amazing fan reaction. Mr. McMahon even made an entrance to the delight of the audience.

My favorite: Throughout the Sheamus and Cesaro tag match against Enzo Amore and Big Cass, a pocket of fans leaped to their feet, pointed up while motioning their arms up-and-down (left-right-left-right) and serenaded, “DuDu-Dut-DuDuuu-Sheamus And Cesaro. DuDu-Dut-DuDuuu-Sheamus And Cesaro.”

Catchy, and it caught on fast. The second time they did it, more fans joined, and then by the third time the ringside, lower and upper deck harmonized in unison. Cesaro enjoyed it so much he began acknowledging them and pointing toward he and Sheamus, when fans chanted their names in that little ditty.

Sheamus and Cesaro won the match to become the No.1 contender’s for the title, and the audience erupted.

You know what’s next.

Unfortunately, the theme music played for Sheamus and Cesaro, which is customary for the victors, but in this case, it would have been great to let the sounds of the fans take over. Fans still chanted, “DuDu-Dut-DuDuuu: Sheamus And Cesaro,” and the two WWE Superstars played along. Both appreciated it. Cesaro so happy he slapped five with fans at ringside and jumped into Sheamus’ arms at the top of the rampway.

“DuDu-Dut-DuDuuu: Sheamus And Cesaro.”

SmackDown Live -- the night after Raw -- again at the Amway Center, The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger appeared with the “10” chants rampant. Fans yelled in unison “10, 10, 10, 10,” while making the “10” sign with their hands/fingers along with Dillinger. Very over.

Dillinger defeated Curt Hawkins, and the arena became a sea of 10s.

That can only be rivaled by the SmackDown Live debut of Shinsuke Nakamura. When a violinist stood near the top of the ramp and began playing, you knew. Nakamura’s theme music. Fans began singing along.

On Raw and SmackDown Live, when the ref counted two, fans chimed, “Twoooo-Sweeeeet.”

SmackDown Live a fitting way to end an extremely successful WrestleMania Week. WWE, its staff, its fans, Allied Integrated Marketing, Camping World Stadium (Citrus Bowl Stadium), Amway Center, Orange County Convention Center, the City of Orlando, Orange County, Central Florida Sports Commission, the volunteers, the schools, all involved, just outstanding.

The renovations to Camping World Stadium outstanding. Much different from WrestleMania 24 in 2008 at the same venue. WWE created an elaborate set -- the lighting, backdrops, in-ring apron change, theme music, fireworks, props, ring attire and more. What a production as a Camping World Stadium record crowd of 75,000-plus enjoyed WWE WrestleMania 33.

Getting in and out, to and from Camping World Stadium for WrestleMania very good. Hats off to the parking attendants, security, law enforcement and ticket takers. Very smooth, safe and fun.

Fans from all 50 states and more than 60 countries attended WrestleMania, and much of that national and international representation also appeared at Raw and SmackDown Live. It marked the first SmackDown Live show following WrestleMania in WWE history. SmackDown was taped prior.

The five shows (WWE Hall of Fame, Friday, March 31, Amway Center; NXT TakeOver, Saturday, April 1, Amway Center; WrestleMania, Sunday, April 2, Camping World Stadium; Raw, Monday, April 3, Amway Center; SmackDown Live, Tuesday, April 4, Amway Center) all sold-out. WrestleMania Axxess -- WWE’s fan fest spectacular -- four days at the Orange County Convention Center, incredible

WrestleMania Week brings people from all countries together, unified for one common cause. The WWE Universe is like the United Nations of pro wrestling/sports entertainment. #WorldPeace

WWE also hosted a plethora of activities designed to give back to the local community during WrestleMania Week including a park clean-up, a ‘Be a STAR’ anti-bullying rally, hospital visits, a Veterans job fair, reading challenge school reading, Special Olympics basketball game and Make-A-Wish party. WWE conducted more than 20 events during WrestleMania Week. That is the most in WWE’s WrestleMania history. Because of WrestleMania, WWE also held more community-related events in the host area throughout the year, leading to the busy week.

Hope everyone enjoyed WrestleMania Week.

Next year New Orleans, but Orlando take a bow.




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