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Former WWE superstar John Morrison (Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo) turns to movies

Millions of WWE fans are accustomed to seeing John Morrison beat up the competition. Now he’s doing it in a different arena…film.

The former WWE superstar is co-star of Paseo Miramar Pictures and D Street Films’ first co-production “American Justice.” The action-packed thriller is one of the week's top renting independent films, selling at WalMarts and via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other online venues.

Paying homage to the 1980s action hero, “American Justice” is the explosive story of hard-hitting LAPD officer Jack Justice (Tiny Lister) who’s framed for murder in a small Texas town by the local crooked sheriff (John Schneider/Dukes of Hazzard) and his stable of corrupt cops led by John Hennigan, formerly WWE superstar John Morrison and currently Johnny Mundo for “Lucha Underground” (8 p.m. EST Wednesdays, El Rey Network).

“It’s a lot different slugging it out in a small space surrounded by a full crew than it is center stage in a packed arena,” said Hennigan, whose physicality made him the perfect “bad” cop opposite the equally intimidating “Tiny” Lister.

In 1989, the fan favorite Hulk Hogan starred in the movie “No Holds Barred,” which featured Lister, known as Zeus. Their movie rivalry continued in a WWF ring.

“He’s a real big guy and hits hard,” laughed Hennigan. “It was fun, but on some takes we really got into it.”

He added: “Tiny is one of the sweetest guys; so it never got too intense.”

Hennigan’s big break occurred in 2002 when he won WWE’s Tough Enough III, a TV wrestling competition where the grand prize was a WWE contract. He spent the next six years in a WWE ring, wrestling on Raw, SmackDown, Sunday Night Heat, and WWE’s ECW.

Co-starring James Russo (Donnie Brasco), Vida Guerra and Malcolm Danare (Christine), “American Justice” is directed by D Street's owner, award-winning Demetrius Navarro and scripted by Paseo Miramar’s CEO Jerry Bryant. The movie is available everywhere.



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