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UM’s Dan Enos put ‘heart and soul’ into Central Michigan — didn’t feel CMU did same for him

The only head coaching stop of Dan Enos’ career lasted five seasons in his home state and, apparently, ended unceremoniously.

Enos, now the Miami Hurricanes’ first-year offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, bounced around various assistant coach jobs for about 15 years before the Central Michigan Chippewas gave him his first chance to be a coach. He was introduced as Central Michigan’s coach at the start of 2010. He decided to leave by the end of 2014.

“The big reason I left was that the president at the time and the administration—I was putting my heart and soul into the program and they were not putting their heart and soul into Dan Enos, if you will,” Enos said. “When you put your heart and soul into something, and you give it everything you have, you want people giving you that same type of backup in return. And we just felt like after five years we weren’t getting that, just felt like our best move for our family at the time and my career was to take the opportunity that Coach Bielema had given us, and it turns out it’s been good.”

Enos then spent three seasons as Bret Bielema’s offensive coordinator with the Arkansas Razorbacks and one as the quarterbacks coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide before he came to Miami in January. Three games into Enos’ tenure in South Florida, the Hurricanes (1-2, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) rank No. 42 in the country in total offense, averaging 459.7 yards per game.

In 2018, Miami finished the season ranked No. 105 in total offense, averaging 358.8 yards per game.

On Monday, the Hurricanes’ hosted their weekly coach’s and coordinators’ news conferences, and Enos addressed his tenure in Mount Pleasant ahead of Miami’s game against Central Michigan on Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium.

The coordinator spoke glowingly about some aspects of his time in his home state, but he was critical of the administration, which has turned over since he left earlier this decade, although he didn’t go into specifics.

Enos was actually hired by an interim president, and Kathy Wilbur was replaced by George Ross in Enos’ first year in Michigan. Last year, Ross stepped down and was replaced by current university president Robert Davies.

“My time there with the people I was able to work with from a day-to-day standpoint — the staff, the operations, the trainers, strength staff and everything — was an A-plus,” Enos said. “I loved the players and everything, but at that time it was just time to move on.”

Since his departure, Enos hasn’t made any serious overtures to take any new head coaching jobs. He actually technically took a demotion when he went from Arkansas to Alabama, moving from coordinator to position coach when he arrived in Tuscaloosa. He moved a step closer to becoming a coach once again when he became Miami’s offensive coordinator, but he isn’t in a rush to take the next step.

He isn’t ruling it out somewhere down the line.

“Would I like to be a head coach again? Absolutely if the opportunity presents itself,” Enos said. “I’m a different person than I was in 2009 when I got that job. I’m in a different place. I think sometimes when you’re young in your career, you’re consumed with being a head coach, like that’s just the ultimate goal, and again I was blessed and fortunate to have that opportunity, but then as you move through life you realize that sometimes — I don’t have to be a head coach, is what I’m trying to say. I love being a coordinator. I love coaching offense, calling plays, coaching quarterbacks and when you’re a head coach, some of that stuff you can’t do.

“If the opportunity presents itself and it’s an unbelievable opportunity we would certainly consider it, but I’m very, very happy doing what I’ve been doing. Different things happen for different reasons.”

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