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He wishes he could have worn that turnover chain. Now he’s rooting hard for the Canes

Former Canes cornerback Corn Elder played in the last Clemson-Miami game and will be there for the ACC title game

Corn Elder, on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, reflects on the past and present of Clemson vs. Miami.
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Corn Elder, on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, reflects on the past and present of Clemson vs. Miami.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I bumped into former Miami Hurricane cornerback Corn Elder, now a Carolina Panther, on Friday and chatted with him for a minute about today’s game. He just wishes he could have had a chance to wear the turnover chain. But what he wants now is for the Canes to win today. He thinks they will.

Not that he has a UM bias...

Corn, you were in that 58-0 game, weren’t you. You being here, knowing that they’re here for this game. What does this mean to you and what do you think it means to the Hurricanes?

“I’m excited to watch this. I know they’re going to do great. Those guys have been working hard. To be able to play Clemson again is definitely great. That loss turned our whole program around – I guess the worst loss in history. It’s definitely exciting for them to be able to play them again.”

You’ve been at four games this season?

“Yup. I’ve seen all victories.”


“Canes win. I know they’ll come out firing on all cylinders. I know the defense is going to play great. I feel like they have what it takes.”

How do you think that 58-0 game affected what is happening now?

“I definitely think it turned everything around. Obviously that’s not the standard for the Miami Hurricanes. Since that game I think we’ve turned the program around.”

What about this year’s defense? How do you think the young secondary is doing?

“They’re playing great. Turnovers. You see the chain a lot. So, I’m excited to watch them tomorrow. I’ve been excited to watch them the whole year. I think they’re doing very well.”

Have you ever imagined wearing that turnover chain?

“Oh yeah. I wish we had it. I’m just happy to see them with it.’’

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