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UM’s Mark Richt weighs in on FBI’s college hoops probe and following rules

University of Miami football coach Mark Richt, whose 14th-ranked Hurricanes (2-0) are preparing for a Friday-night game at Duke (4-0) in Durham, North Carolina, did not shy away from questions Wednesday regarding the FBI probe into college basketball — a probe that appears to implicate the University of Miami, among several schools.

How do you think it reflects on the college and the perception of college sports?

Richt: “It’s FBI? Who was it? I’m sure they know what they’re talking about. I doubt they’re making up stories, so the bottom line is, if people aren’t behaving like they should – whether it’s players, whether it’s coaches, whether it’s business people, or whatever it is – then there needs to be consequences.

If everybody makes good decisions to discipline things the way they should be and there are consequences for what happened, then things can get cleaned up rather quickly I think.’’

Do you think that the basketball, football, whatever it is, the college game itself, do you think that needs to be cleaned up?

Richt: “I’m sure it’s program by program. I don’t think every basketball program is doing things they shouldn’t do and I don’t think every football program is doing that. I think there are a lot more doing things right than doing wrong. You just read about these.’’

Is that kind of a reminder, though, even if everybody is doing things that they think is right, is it a reminder to be cognizant of rules?

Richt: “For me personally, I say no, because that’s all we care about is doing it right. Do we ever mess up? We mess up. So, yes, should we be even more sharp in our rules and all that kind of thing? Yes. More heightened awareness? Yes. But we hope and we think we have a heightened awareness all the time. You just never know.’’

UM’s athletic program is almost a year out of a three-year probation period that ended in late October 2016, the result of lack of institutional control following a scandal involving former booster Nevin Shapiro.

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