The bars are opening up again, as Key West tries to get back to normal

The Green Parrot in Key West is back open for business.
The Green Parrot in Key West is back open for business. Green Parrot/Facebook

Many in South Florida had other things going on when the NFL kicked off its first Sunday of the new season as Hurricane Irma was working her way through the area.

This week was different.

Even in Key West.

Although things aren’t close to getting back to normal in the Florida Keys, a number of bars have opened their doors.

For the Green Parrot on Whitehead Street, Sunday means football and beer.

They had both this weekend as they were back slinging drinks and watching games from around the country.

A tweet sent out by the famous local dive advertised not only cold beer, but football and free popcorn.

On Monday morning, the Parrot posted on Facebook they would be open until 7 p.m. and invited their friends over to “have a cold drink, catch up on the news, or just to take a load off your feet and let us know that you're OK.”

Jim Gilleran opened up his 801 Bourbon Bar on Duval Street soon after Irma swept through the Keys, fired up the generator and distributed meals and much-needed supplies like ice and water to those who hunkered down and stayed on the island.

Gilleran’s bar also coordinated a volunteer crew to clean up Duval from all the storm debris and posted on its Facebook page that their “broom crew” did a nice job getting the famed street “spruced up.”

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“My father taught me to take care of myself and my family so I can take care of my community,” Gilleran told the Palm Beach Post last week.

By the weekend, Gilleran’s bar wasn’t the only place to get something cold to drink in Key West.

The Speakeasy Inn on Duval Street was back and not only had cold drinks but something anyone in Florida can appreciate: They have air conditioning.

A man fishes next to the Southernmost Point Buoy damaged by Hurricane Irma, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017, in Key West of the Florida Keys. Wilfredo Lee AP

The Porch beer and wine bar at 429 Caroline Street announced on Sunday that it was back and “ready to serve you a cold craft beer!”

On Monday, the bar tweeted it was ready to serve “all you hard working, thirsty, hot & sweaty individuals” who are in Key West.

There are certainly plenty of those.

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