The doctor owned and shared child porn videos. He’ll pay with prison time and $100,000

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Tracking short videos of prepubescent girls being molested led the FBI to the home of Delray Beach doctor David Nowak, who told agents, “I suspect you will find exactly what you’re looking for.”

For what they found on Nowak’s Hewlett-Packard laptop, Nowak was sentenced Tuesday to nine years in federal prison and $100,000 restitution to victims in five of the child pornography “series” Nowak possessed. The 42-year-old plead guilty to receiving child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Nowak, a pathologist with offices in Delray Beach and, according to WebMD, Buffalo, used the Gnutella peer-to-peer file-sharing program to exchange child pornography videos. According to Nowak’s admission of facts with his guilty plea, the FBI happened to be running an undercover online operation and ran into videos from Nowak’s internet protocol address with file names and cryptographic hash functions indicating child pornography.

In February and March, the FBI connected to Nowak’s IP address and downloaded three movie files totaling 20 seconds, each featuring a prepubescent girl suffering some form of molestation.

The FBI hit Nowak’s house with a search warrant on March 27. At first, Nowak’s admission says, he invoked his right to speak with an attorney before answering questions. But as agents began to search, he said without being asked, “I suspect you will find exactly what you’re looking for” and “It’s on the laptop in my bedroom by the bed and will be very easy to find.”

Indeed, Investigators found child pornography videos, including one that could be described as a child pornography version of a mix tape: “a prepubescent girl, approximately 4 to 6 years old, performing oral sex on an adult male; multiple different scenes of prepubescent girls performing oral sex on adult males; an adult male vaginally penetrating an early pubescent while she is on her knees; and a prepubescent girl whose hands are bound with a rope while she is wearing a mask and performing oral sex on an adult male.”

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