Chic-A-Boom-Room violated minimum wage and OT laws. It’s paid $17,000 in back pay


Before longtime Dunedin nightspot Kelly’s Chic-A-Boom-Room got turned into Crown & Bull in March, its owners were busted for violating minimum wage and overtime pay laws, the Department of Labor announced Friday.

Dion Falzon’s Falzon Management paid $17,266 in back wages and damages to 48 workers — or, $359.71 per worker — after Wage and Hour Division investigators found a variety of violations.

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Falzon didn’t pay employees for all the hours worked.

Tipped employees’ overtime rates were based off just their direct cash wage instead of their full minimum wage.

Some employees were paid straight time rates when working overtime.

Some employees who worked multiple jobs at different pay rates were paid overtime at the lowest pay rate instead of the pay rate of the position on which they worked the overtime hours.

“Employers should use the results of this investigation as an opportunity to examine their own pay practices to ensure that they comply with federal law,” said Wage and Hour Division District Director James Schmidt, in Tampa, Florida.

Employers who want to make sure they’re in compliance can visit Wage and Hour Division offices, call offices confidentially or check Fair Labor Standards Act compliance videos. To self-report violations without litigation, employers can go through the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) program.

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