Couple’s toddler was covered with insects while they were doing drugs, cops say

Authorities in Volusia County have removed a 2-year-old child from the parents and have temporarily granted custody to a family member after police found the child covered in insects while the parents did drugs.

According to WESH, police spotted the couple’s parked car at a nearby park on June 25. The car was not running and the heat index was at 104 degrees.

Police removed the parents, Christian Wilson and David Dexter, from the vehicle and located, “white, rock-like” substances and bottle caps that are commonly used to melt illegal drugs for injection. Authorities also located an uncapped syringe with a clear liquid inside near the child’s feet.

According to the police report, the child’s diaper was heavily soiled while the toddler sat in the backseat, which was covered with opened and spoiled food containers, dirty diapers, roaches and a variety of other insects, cops say.

The report states that the child had multiple scabs and an open wound on the child’s neck that had a concentration of gathering insects.

Dexter told authorities the couple drove the child to buy the drugs, but he denied using any. Cops say Dexter said the child’s neck injury occurred after, “bumping into a person with a lit cigarette.”

Dexter was taken into custody on a felony possession of a controlled substance charge and child endangerment. The report notes the mother already had an open case with the Department of Children and Families.

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