Florida man to be charged with killing 2 women and a 6-year-old after surrendering himself

Ernst Cherizard
Ernst Cherizard Haines City Police

A 38-year-old man wanted since Friday night in the shooting death of two women and a 6-year-old, turned himself in Sunday afternoon, Haines City police said.

Ernst Cherizard, of Polk County, has been transferred to the Polk County Jail and will be charged with three murders.

The search for Charizard focused on South Florida after the 2011 Nissan Altima police said he drove away from the Citrus Ridge Apartments passed a Florida Turnpike toll in Boynton Beach just after midnight Saturday.

The Altima belonged to El Junia Normil, a 23-year-old shot Friday night along with her daughter, 6-year-old Elizabelle Frenel, and 48-year-old Nicold Guillume.

The two adults died at the scene. Elizabelle hung on until 11 p.m. Saturday after taking shots to the temple, face and arm.

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