After crash in Havana, airline releases names of 110 people who died, 3 who survived

Video shows large explosion after Cuban plane crashed in Havana

A new video released on social media shows a large explosion after a plane came crashing down in Havana, Cuba on Friday, May 18, 2018.
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A new video released on social media shows a large explosion after a plane came crashing down in Havana, Cuba on Friday, May 18, 2018.

The Cuban airline Cubana de Aviación on Saturday released the names of all 110 people who died in Friday's fiery plane crash in Havana, Cuban State media reported. Three people survived.

Of those who died — 104 passengers and six Mexican crew members — inside the Boeing 737 as it went down in a field near José Martí International Airport or afterward at the hospital, all but 11 were Cuban. Of the passengers who died, two were from Argentina, two were from the disputed territory of Western Sahara and one was from Mexico.

A total of 113 people were aboard the plane, which was destined for the Cuban province of Holguín. Initially, four survived, but one later died at a Havana hospital.

The three remaining survivors, who are female and all identified as Cuban, range in age from 19 to 39 and were reported in serious condition. They were identified as Emiley Sánchez De La O, Mailén Díaz Almaguer and Grettel Landrove Font.

Twenty church leaders from an evangelical church were among the dead, The Associated Press reported Saturday.

More than half of the victims were from Holguín, which is more than 400 miles east of Havana. The initial plan was to run a flight from Holguín to Havana for some family members of the victims and to bus others. But poor weather scuttled the flight and representatives of the families were being bused to Havana early Saturday to help identify bodies.

A two-day mourning period began at 6 a.m. Saturday and will end at midnight Sunday.

Before the airline released its manifest, loved ones identified some victims through social media. Mourners using the hashtag #FuerzaCuba urged strength in the face of tragedy. A doctor and her young daughter were the first Cuban victims to be identified following the crash, a family friend confirmed to the Miami Herald.

Monica Leyva and child Cuba crash.jpg
Monica Leyva Garcia Facebook

Mónica Leyva García, a doctor at Hospital General Universitario in the province of Holguín, and her daughter Alexia were passengers aboard the plane, which fell from the sky and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from the Havana airport.

Messages from friends and other loved ones poured into Leyva's Facebook page on Saturday, as flags flew at half staff across Cuba and authorities began the grim task of identifying the scores of dead. Cuban State media also reported Saturday that the plane's flight recorder had been recovered.

The Cuban Council of Churches told the AP that 10 pastor couples — 20 people total — from the Nazarene Church in Holguín died in the crash. The group had visited Havana for a meeting and was returning home when the plane crashed, The AP reported.

Witnesses said it appeared the plane may have been trying to return to the airport when it hit electrical wires and plummeted to the ground.

Mexico's Transportation Department identified the pilot and co-pilot as Capt. Jorge Luis Nunez Santos and first officer Miguel Angel Arreola Ramirez, AP reported. It said the flight attendants were Maria Daniela Rios, Abigail Hernandez Garcia and Beatriz Limon.

A new video released on social media shows a large explosion after a plane came crashing down in Havana, Cuba on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Cubana de Aviación, the Cuban national airline, had leased the plane, which was nearly 40 years old, from Global Air, a Mexican company.

Cuban authorities immediately set up an investigative commission to look into the cause of the crash, and Mexico sent aviation officials to help. Boeing, the manufacturer of the aircraft, also offered to aid with the investigation. Heavy rainfall was hampering initial investigative efforts.

Cuba's Civil Aeronautics Institute will head the investigation in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, according to Granma, the newspaper of Cuba's Communist Party.

Cuba Plane Crash.JPG
Rescue teams search through the wreckage site of a Boeing 737 that plummeted into a cassava field with 113 people on board, in Havana, Cuba, on May 18, 2018. The Cuban airliner crashed just after takeoff from Havana’s international airport. RAMON ESPINOSA AP

Condolences poured in from around the world, and the U.S. State Department said that officials had spoken with the Cuban ambassador to the United States Friday afternoon to "offer our sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims."

On board the flight was the Mexican flight crew of five plus a maintenance technician. All but five of the passengers were Cuban. Argentina's foreign minister said two of the victims were Argentine: Dora Beatriz Cifuentes, 63, and Oscar Hugo Almaras, 67.

In learning of the crash, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel immediately went to the scene near the airport in the Rancho Boyeros suburb of Havana and walked a field alongside the charred remains of the airliner. Cuban state media also reported that Raúl Castro, the head of Cuba's Communist Party, had been briefed and was following events closely. Castro is recovering from a hernia operation.

A Boeing 737 plane carrying 104 passengers crashed next to José Martí International Airport in Havana, Cuba, on May 18. This video shows a victim being rushed into an ambulance, with fire vehicles also at the scene.

Here is the full manifest:

1. Alexia Garcia Leyva
2. Kendry Morales Meneses
3. Gabriela Machado Morales
4. Diego Pérez Chacón
5. Alexa Rivas Figueredo
6. Marina García Vega
7. Maria Elena Aguilar Ramos
8. Mirta Leonarda Anaya Peña
9. Martha Cabrera Caballero
10. Julio Toribio Espinosa Licea
11. Israel Gálvez Martínez
12. Rodolfo Hernández González
13. Vivian Paula Martínez Fernández
14. Magalys Miranda Pérez
15. Maricela Peña Blanco
16. Yainelín Rodríguez Aguedo
17. Eddy Antonio Rodríguez Hernández
18. Ernesto Roberto Rodriguez Oliva
19. Nirza Rodriguez Rondón
20. Luis Manuel Rojas Pérez
21. María Salomé Sánchez Arévalo
22. Emiley Sánchez De La O (Survived)
23. Tania María Santiesteban Prado
24. Maricela Sánchez Peña
25. Carlos Antonio Santos González
26. Carmen Rosa Silva Zambrano
27. Norma Suárez Niles
28. Daniel Terrero Charchabal
29. Yanira Torres Cruz
30. Iliana Trinchet Mendoza
31. Inés Emilia Trinchet Mendoza
32. Caleb Valdés Gallego
33. Raúl Valdés López
34. Juana Amparo Valdes Peralta
35. Ania Varona Abrahan
36. Juan Luis Vega Velázazquez
37. Rafael Vega Velázquez
38. Margarita Elena Velázquez Espinosa
39. Ronni Alain Pupo Pupo
40. Mariela Cruz Torres
41. Nelson Osorio Pérez
42. María Virgen Filandez Rojas
43. Enrique Alfredo Martínez Nates
44. Ricardo De La Caridad Martínez Hernández
45. Anyelis Meneses Del Rio
46. Luz Marina Milanés Cartaya
47. Yurisel Milagros Miranda Mulet
48. Adonayda Morales Varona
49. Elva María Mosqueda Legrá
50. Yailenis Navarro Díaz
51. Juan Carlos Nogueras Leyva
52. Karina Beatríz Oliva Mir
53. Eloy Ortiz Abad
54. Jorgelino Ortiz Cruz
55. Yanet Rosa Paz Ramírez
56. Yunaisi Pelegrino Reyes
57. Gelover Martín Pérez Avalo
58. Pedro Oscar Pérez Batista
59. Pedro Pablo Trujillo Ravelo
60. Grettel Isel De La Cruz Cutiño
61. Yunisleidys Abreu Lara
62. Ana Aguedo Rodriguez
63. Manuel David Aguilar Saavedra
64. Alejandro José Alvarez Crespo
65. Lázaro Garcia Amador
66. Marla Elizabeth Bauta Rodriguez
67. Maida Francisca Abdala Almoza
68. Leticia De La Caridad Almenares Pantoja
69. Raimundo Guillermo Almenares Sánchez
70. Julio César Avilés Gómez
71. Iskander Antonio Báster Pérez
72. Lorenzo Boch Bring
73. Jorge Alberto Borrego Cabrera
74. Jorge Luis Buitrago Cabrera
75. Gisel Buitrago Santiesteban
76. Carlos Miguel De La Cruz Cutiño
77. Juan Alberto De La Torre Alcántara
78. Mailén Díaz Almaguer (Survived)
79. Adonis Díaz Oberto
80. Suyen Lizandra Figueredo Driggs
81. José Carlos Figueroa Campos
82. Grisell Filandes Clark
83. Migdalia De La Caridad Gallego Nuñez
84. Jesús Manuel García Oberto
85. Enrique González Arguelle
86. Yandro Enrique González Mendez
87. Jorge Luis Guerra Concepción
88. Nelson Ramón Hernandez Rodríguez
89. Yisell Herminia Infante Miranda
90. Grettel Landrove Font (Survived)
91. Mónica Leyva García
92. Jose Angel Leyva Chapman
93. Carlos Enrique Llauró Meneses
94. Jean Michel Lopez Salinas
95. Miguel López Marrero
96. Patricia Dayvin Crespo Llanes
97. Yoneisi Cordovez Rodriguez
98. Lirise Cruz Pérez
99. Noelbis Hernández Guerrero
100. Frank Torres González
101. Meinaldo Duverger Ramos
102. Yovanys Ricardo Mora
103. Mohamed Hach
104. Abderrahm Fadel Mustafa
105. Oscar Hugo Almara
106. Dora Beatriz Cifuentes De Almara
107. Isela Savala Franco
108. Miguel Arreola Ramírez
109. Jorge Nuñez Santos
110. Marco López Pérez
111. María Ríos Rodríguez
112. Abigail Hernández García
113. Guadalupe LimonGarcia
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