He wanted to know if police were looking for him. A 911 call got him trouble, authorities say

Christian Palacios, 24, is charged with unlawful use of the 911 system.
Christian Palacios, 24, is charged with unlawful use of the 911 system. Thibodaux Police Department

A Louisiana man wanted to know if police were looking for him, authorities said. They weren’t — but he still got arrested, WVUE reported.

Thibodaux police say Christian Palacios, 24, called 911 on Monday night to see if there were any active arrest warrants against him, reported.

Palacios said he understood the difference between an emergency call and a non-emergency call, so the dispatcher sent the cops his way, police said, reported. Officers got to the scene and issued Palacios a misdemeanor summons for misusing the 911 system, WGNO reported.

Palacios could spend up to a month behind bars and pay a fine, WGNO said. There are no warrants pending against him, WVUE reported.

The incident prompted police to remind people to use the 911 system the right way, reported. The number is only for emergencies that require immediate action, police said, WVUE said.

The police department has a number that can be called for non-emergencies, WGNO reported.

Palacios isn’t the first person to allegedly seek urgent attention for a relatively minor problem. A Canada boy wasn’t too thrilled with his leafy dinner last month, so he called police to come handle the matter, authorities said. In his case, police acknowledged the 12-year-old may be too young to have known better.

A Michigan woman got off with a warning after she called 911 upon spotting a spider in her home in April, police said. The “alleged arachnid” wasn’t around when an officer showed up, authorities said.

The San Antonio Police Department’s Police Chief William McManus reads several calls made to the 911 emergency number that didn’t qualify as “emergencies.” Calls included a person with a water leak, another person tried ordering a pizza and someon

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