Grandmother collapses and dies during flight from Miami to Venezuela

American Airlines jets at Miami International Airport.
American Airlines jets at Miami International Airport. AP File

A 77-year-old grandmother died while on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Venezuela Saturday after suffering a heart attack, according to various news reports.

According to American Airlines, the company “requested medical personnel to meet flight 967 upon arrival in Caracas.” The airline would not elaborate on the incident.

“You will need to check with first responders in Caracas,” a spokesperson told the Miami Herald Monday. “Under U.S. law, we don’t disclose medical conditions of passengers.”

International news site 800Noticias identified the woman as Scarfone Fortuna, an Italian national.

According to news outlet Venezuela Al Dia, the elderly woman had a heart attack “mid-flight” and collapsed. Venezuelan personnel at Simón Bolívar International Airport, along with airline employees, were trying to contact Fortuna’s next of kin for delivery of her body.

It’s unclear how far along the flight was before Fortuna died, and if she was traveling alone.

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