One witness says he saw the driver hit and run. Another chased him down on a Onewheel

Jose Esteban Contreras
Jose Esteban Contreras - Miami-Dade Corrections

A man riding a Onewheel XR chased down a hit-and-run driver who witnesses say struck a pedestrian on a Miami Avenue sidewalk Sunday night.

That’s according to Miami police, who arrested 24-year-old Jose Contreras on charges of leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injury and misdemeanor marijuana possession. Contreras posted $8,000 bond Monday.

The pedestrian witnesses say Contreras hit with his white Toyota is in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, police said Monday evening.

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According to the arrest report, two witnesses say Contreras was heading north on Miami Avenue around 26th Street when his white Toyota hopped the curb and hit the pedestrian. One witness was across the street from the scene in front of Wynwood Glass & Vape, 2605 N. Miami Ave., on foot. The other witness, Miami resident Cory Boehne, was with his girlfriend around 25th Street and Miami Avenue and on a Onewheel, sort of a motorized skateboard with a large single wheel in the middle.

In an e-mail to The Herald, Boehne said he got the Onewheel up to about 18 mph as he chased Contreras, who turned right at 29th Street. Also giving chase in a car was Wynwood Glass & Vape founder Shawn Alarcon. Once Contreras got stopped at a light, Boehne said, he and Alarcon caught up to Contreras.

Boehne said when Contreras wouldn’t turn off the car and get out, he “used the board to break the window and stun him, then reached in and shut off the car, threw it in park and opened the door from the inside.”

Contreras on the ground
Jose Contreras held on the ground by Cory Boehne. Photo courtesy Cory Boehne

Boehne and Alarcon held Contreras on a sidewalk for police. Police say an inventory search of the car, which had damage and what appeared to be blood, turned up the marijuana in the back seat and on the center console.

While Contreras has received 10 tickets in Miami-Dade County since July 2012, all but three May 2013 tickets have been dismissed. He paid a $208.50 fine for going 47 mph in a 30 mph zone on May 13, 2013. Just 15 days later, May 28, 2013, Contreras got tickets for running a red light and failure to yield, costing him a combined $495.