Former porn actor and male stripper who shot up Trump hotel formally charged

Jonathan Oddi
Jonathan Oddi Miami-Dade Corrections

Prosecutors on Friday formally charged the former porn actor who broke into the Trump National Doral resort, unfurled an American flag across the lobby counter and got into a gun battle with cops.

Jonathan Oddi remained jailed Friday morning and did not appear in Miami-Dade criminal court.

The 42-year-old Oddi was ranting about President Donald Trump, former president Barack Obama and rapper P. Diddy. Officers shot Oddi in the legs; he survived, was hospitalized for a couple of days and then was booked into a Miami-Dade jail.

The Miami-Dade Police Department released body camera footage of the shootout between police and suspected shooter Jonathan Oddi. The footage shows a barrage of bullets being fired inside and outside Trump National Doral on May 18, 2018.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office filed charges of attempted murder of law-enforcement officers, armed burglary and armed grand theft.

His lawyers, Christopher DeCoste and Tara Kawass, said that their client is "extremely sorry" about what happened and thanked officers who "skillfully diffused [sic] the situation without loss of life and only minimal injury to Mr. Oddi."

"Mr. Oddi is coming to realize exactly what happened and is extremely remorseful," they said in a statement. "Why did this happen? Much of our work will go towards answering that question. "

Investigators still don't know exactly what drove Oddi to attack the Doral hotel, which was purchased by the Trump Organization in 2012 and used to host a professional golf tournament.

Oddi is a self-described fitness instructor, real estate investor and manager at Pegasus, a business dealing in minerals and gemstones.

He also had a very Miami side job — about five years ago, he was a stripper for Dancing Bear, a South Florida website that produced videos of raucous staged parties involving women performing sex acts on male dancers.