Palmetto Bay

Letter: In support of Henry Clifford

Editor’s note: Palmetto Bay voters will return to the polls on Nov. 25 for a runoff election to choose a council member for District 3. Seat 3 will be contested between retired firefighter Henry Clifford and industrial engineer Larissa Siegel Lara.

I have been fortunate to know and to love Henry Clifford for more than 40 years. As a Palmetto Bay resident for 35, Henry has been making Palmetto Bay a better place to live, to work and to play. He has fought for neighborhood protection and for the integrity of residential neighborhoods with dozens of our friends and neighbors.

He is passionate about serving others: whether it be during his service in the Air Force, his time as a Fire and Rescue Lieutenant, his tenure as a teacher on special assignment with the Division of Special Education at M-DCPS, or his advocacy and involvement on six Palmetto Bay Council committees. His reputation among friends and foe alike is one of commitment, leadership, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and fiscal responsibility.

I believe a record of commitment and a record of success is an indication of future success. Henry’s strength of character and ability to work with everyone make him uniquely qualified to serve as our next Palmetto Bay Councilman in District 3. Henry’s record of maintaining quiet neighborhoods and residential values are unparalleled in this race. Henry reaches out to all parties to obtain information and makes independent, informed decisions. He fights for transparency in local government and for greater citizen involvement.

Henry worked two and three jobs making it possible for me to stay home with our young children. Later he provided me the necessary emotional and physical support enabling me to pursue and complete advanced graduate training. Henry has proven his commitment and leadership abilities. He also has established priorities for the future. Please review and compare these ideas ( and Henry’s years of service against his opponent: he is the best qualified candidate in the Palmetto Bay District 3 race with endorsements from former candidate Mr. James Archie Shedd, Firefighter Local Union 1102, Save Dade, Joan Lindsay and Brian Pariser.

Running for office should not be one’s first involvement in serving their community. The Village deserves better. Join me in voting for that better future. Vote Henry Clifford by absentee or on Nov. 25th.

Dr. Sue L. Buslinger-Clifford, Palmetto Bay

My fellow Palmetto Bay Residents:

You have seen all the signs, read all the soaps and flyers, patiently took all the calls and it’s time for action. Many can talk the talk but few walk the walk.

Warren and I have known Henry Clifford since before our city was founded. He is the only viable candidate for District 3 in the run-off election based on facts. His history as a positive contribution to our country, state and community speaks for itself. His life reflects a record of giving at every level and I doubt he will change now.

Henry is not your typical politician, flooding us with name recognition of the rich and famous — nor does he have to do so. He is well known to our city and community as honest, civil and with the experience to make the right things happen. His pleasant attitude, common sense and ability to be a team player by far outweigh his opponent, Lasissa Siegel Lara. While she provides a summary of her key skills and experience as a Burger King Corporate Executive and “Independent Thinker” we believe our city needs just the opposite; a thinker that will listen to & collaborate with the council, staff, and the residents they were elected to represent, on a peer non-corporate level.

We have had enough of independent thinkers in Palmetto Bay. Henry knows the residents and will listen to their needs to get the job done, through advocacy and leadership.

Please vote for Henry Clifford, Palmetto Bay District 3 in the run-off election to have your voice heard. Together we can all make a big difference for the next four years.

Warren and Helen Lovely, Palmetto Bay

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