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Letters: In support of Larissa Siegel Lara

Editor’s note: Palmetto Bay voters will return to the polls on Nov. 25 for a runoff election to choose a council member for District 3. Seat 3 will be contested between retired firefighter Henry Clifford and industrial engineer Larissa Siegel Lara.

I have known Larissa and her family for over 17 years and want to share reasons to support her for District 3 in Palmetto Bay.

Larissa is a local mom that is raising a family in PB and has first-hand knowledge of what has to improve in our community and what is not broken. Families young and old will have an advocate that will listen to our point of view.

Her experience in corporate America has developed the skills to make decisions based on the merit of the issue. These skills will also help hold the council accountable to deliver on the decisions made and track the progress, including managing the budget responsibly.

Larissa will stand for you and me as residents and what benefits us. A leader with a backbone, ready to work for you and me. She is intelligent, thought out and trustworthy.

Frank DeValdivielso, Palmetto Bay

I would like to express my support for Larissa Siegel Lara in the runoff election for Palmetto Bay Village Council Seat 3.

I have known and worked with Larissa for more than 14 years. She is recognized by her peers as a very intelligent, focused and practical person with good business sense and the highest personal integrity. The projects and programs she led in our corporate environment delivered results, the right way. She’s a person who listens, asks questions and makes it a point to gather relevant information to make tough decisions. She is highly disciplined to follow good business processes that support sound decisions. She has the right background and excellent business skills that are currently needed to manage our Village’s business affairs.

I can’t think of a better person to bring a resident’s perspective and much-needed professionalism and discipline to our Village government.

George Hoffman, Palmetto Bay, District 3 resident

I am proud to support Larissa Siegel Lara for Palmetto Bay Council.

I am voting for Larissa is because she focuses on the positive, both in her campaign and in how she approaches governance. She has no hidden agenda and no attachment to special interests in the Village. When she says she will work for all of our neighbors in Palmetto Bay, it is no campaign slogan, she means it.

Not only is she one of the most sincere and ethical people I know, she is one of the most capable — with the skills, background and experience to bring common sense, fairness and rational decision making back to our village.

Chris Sailsbury, Palmetto Bay

We are voting in the run-off election November 25 and voting for a fresh start in Palmetto Bay. We are voting again for Larissa Siegel Lara.

Having watched with dismay, the peculiar and often mean-spirited manner of our Council over the past four years. We are hopeful that with this election, that sad period in our young village’s life will come to a close and we can get down to the work of fulfilling the promise that led us to incorporate 12 years ago.

It is with that hope that we will vote again for Larissa. We know her character and her ability. Without a doubt, the best person for this job during this formative time in our young village’s history is Larissa Siegel Lara .

John and Nassa Clagett, Palmetto Bay

Larissa Siegel Lara is a breath of fresh air in a political landscape that has under-served the citizens of Palmetto Bay for too long. I will be voting for Larissa because, unlike so many of our recent candidates, she is not running in service to a special interest or single issue. She is running to improve our city for all of our residents.

Larissa’s campaign is about all of us and about bringing us together to build a better community. She does not make hollow promises, she plans for successful outcomes of priorities that benefit all of Palmetto Bay. She is a welcome addition to our politics and I look forward to a Village governed with reason and fairness.

John Linabury, Palmetto Bay

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