Palmetto Bay

Letter: In support for Eugene Flinn

Editor’s note: Palmetto Bay voters will return to the polls on Nov. 25 for a runoff election to choose a Mayor. Eugene Flinn and Shelley Stanczyk will face each other.

I am writing this letter in support of Eugene Flinn for Mayor in the Palmetto Bay runoff election on Nov. 25.

I have worked closely with Mr. Flinn for the Village’s first eight years, when he was Mayor, and I represented district 1 on the Council, both of us term-limited out four years ago. I have the utmost respect for his leadership abilities. Of equal importance is his ability to work closely with others on the Council and Village administration, and his ability in being able to lead the Council in discussing issues in a professional and civil manner and arriving at compromises. As Mayor, Mr. Flinn also showed an amazing ability to reach out to all groups in the community and involve them in Village matters.

Over the past four years, since Mr. Flinn left, the opposite has occurred. Council meetings have become “shouting sessions” with comments from the audience and council members that are insulting to each other. Instead of functioning together the Village and some of its leaders have perhaps not intentionally but certainly by their actions) encouraged divisiveness both at meetings and in the community. This has resulted in a paucity of further development of the Village and its programs, as well as a cost of close to one million dollars in legal and other fees, much of which perhaps could have been avoided if people would have compromised.

The Mayor is responsible for the leadership of the Village and for setting standards of conduct, professionalism, and debate, as well as developing cohesive approaches towards solving problems. Clearly during the past four years this has NOT been successful and with the dysfunction of the Council, the Village has sorely suffered.

We need new leadership and I can think of no one better than our previous Mayor. He can bring the Village back to the success it was in the past. On Tuesday, Nov. 25, in the run-off election, vote and elect Eugene Flinn as Palmetto Bay’s Mayor.

Edward J. Feller MD, former councilman, Palmetto Bay, district 1

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