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Letters: In support of Shelley Stanczyk

Editor’s note: Palmetto Bay voters will return to the polls on Nov. 25 for a runoff election to choose a Mayor. Eugene Flinn and Shelley Stanczyk will face each other.

Having served on the Village Council for the past four years, I feel uniquely qualified to shed some light on the upcoming run-off election in Palmetto Bay between Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Eugene Flinn.

Mayor Stanczyk is a true public servant. She is your rock. She works for you — not developers or special interests. You can count on her to consistently do the best job for the residents of our village.

When Flinn was term limited in 2010 from the Village Council, he tried unsuccessfully to run for the State Legislature. Realizing his chances were slim, he dropped out of that race and ran for the County Commission with my support. Following another defeat, I encouraged his involvement with the Village Council, but sadly all I have seen during my term on the Council is negative, hostile energy from him.

Like most of us who worked on several of his campaigns, I no longer support him.

I feel it is my duty to tell you what my experience with Flinn has taught me.

Flinn had an opportunity to share his wisdom and experience to continue to move the Village forward. I don’t know why he chose not to, but he did. I contacted him a couple of times, but he couldn’t bring himself to support the village.

For the past four years, I believe Flinn and a few others have worked to destroy Mayor Stanczyk. She has refused to respond to their personal attacks on herself and her family.

New special interest zoning issues are on the horizon in Palmetto Bay. These interests are lining up behind Flinn.

Many of the criticisms launched by Flinn against Mayor Stanczyk are the result of decisions made by him under his reign.

Flinn promises you what has already been accomplished by the present Council under Mayor Stanczyk.

He wants you to believe the Village is crumbling and needs to elect him to survive. Really!

Mayor Stanczyk is a tireless worker. She will continue to move the Village in a positive direction. We are fortunate to have her. Please give her your vote.

Councilwoman Joan Lindsay, Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay residents have another opportunity to participate in our election process by re-electing our current Mayor Shelley Stanczyk.

Through her leadership with our Village Council, a variety of actions proposed by the various neighborhoods have been accomplished. She was involved with workshops in the parks to learn what the residents want in their neighborhood parks. She understands that parks are to be used and enjoyed by all ages not just particular age groups or interests. Mayor Stanczyk came to homes to hear concerns after there were efforts before the Council to expand the softball fields at Palmetto Bay Park. She reminded the Council of the covenant made between prior Village Councils and the residents which restricts any ball field expansion. She listened to residents opposing a change to where stadium lighting could be used and supported the residents. She truly understands that this Village treasures the quality of life enjoyed by the residents. She understands to continue providing services we must encourage participation by the business community. She knows our struggles, our history and tries to improve on the steps taken before -—steps taken by prior Councils.

I also strongly support Henry Clifford who is running for the Village Council District 3 seat. This quiet man has worked for many years behind the scenes on committees to enhance our quality of life — bike paths, garden club, identifying our trees, liaison with Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Million Orchid Project to name a few. He also knows what the Village needs to move forward — fire stations, long range planning, fiscal responsibility, traffic calming and governmental transparency. Since he has attended the Council meetings faithfully over these many years, Henry knows our Village and wants to make it better.

Please vote on November 25th.

Sheila Frazier, Palmetto Bay

My family has lived in Palmetto Bay for over 20 years. We have experienced the positive affect of incorporation and for that I commend Mayor Stanczyk for her role.

Since she became mayor in 2010 the Parks have been transformed with improved facilities and equipment. Classes for all ages have expanded park usage. Programming has grown from just the Annual Picnic to over 20 annual events including the Independence Day Celebration and Holiday by the Bay, movie nights, environmental programs such as the Responsible Gardening Series and Mangrove Kayak Tours. These programs have involved thousands of village residents and built a great sense of community.

Cities increased taxes and depleted reserves to maintain services during the economic downturn. Not in Palmetto Bay. Not only have the Village’s reserves continued to grow, services were increased with the opening of additional Parks, programming and additional Police Officers without raising taxes.

Some have talked about crime. I went to the County database and found that after Mayor Stanczyk was elected in 2010 crime dropped 36%. When crime is expected to rise during the holidays, crime rates dropped 54% in Palmetto Bay. She listened to residents and added 2 police officers to respond to their concerns.

Mayor Stanczyk supports the strategic planning for the Down Town area to create tax relief, improve services, and the US1 area. She wants controls on density and building height not to exceed the current plan, there will be 30 times more green space and parks in the area, traffic planning, and better balance of commercial, all to ensure success of the area.

Our Village is a friendly place. I have been disheartened by the win at all costs campaign being waged and I wonder why it is?

We support Mayor Stanczyk for re-election and so do my neighbors, friends, and so many more because of her years of real public service to this community without a hidden agenda.

I ask that you vote for her in the run-off to continue the positive progress of our village that is all about our families and living in our beautiful village.

Anthony Gorman, Palmetto Bay

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