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Argument over dinner turns violent, North Miami cop arrested

North Miami police officer Alfred Bryant, after winning the officer of the month award.
North Miami police officer Alfred Bryant, after winning the officer of the month award. North Miami Police Department

A domestic incident ended with a North Miami police officer being arrested by Miami-Dade police early Sunday morning.

Officer Alfred Bryant, a 14-year veteran, was arrested and charged with battery after an argument with his wife. She called police Saturday night around 7 p.m. after the couple’s argument turned violent, according to the police report.

Saturday’s altercation started when Bryant arrived at home to pick up his wife and kids for dinner. She said that she had already prepared food for herself, and Bryant got upset because she hadn’t made anything for the kids, the report said. As she went to the kitchen and they continued arguing, Bryant threw water in her face. She grabbed a frying pan and waved it at Bryant.

Bryant then grabbed his wife’s wrist and began to choke her with his other hand as he tried to get the frying pan from her. He then, according to police, flipped his wife to the ground and slammed her head against the floor twice. His children begged him to stop.

He paid $1,500 bond and has been ordered to stay away from his wife as his case proceeds. Bryant’s arraignment hearing is set for May 2.

Bryant’s arrest adds to a year of public mishaps by the police department dating back to the police shooting of Charles Kinsey last summer. Last week audio of Chief Gary Eugene’s interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement revealed that members of the command staff and administrative leaders kept Eugene in the dark on the day of the shooting and officers tainted the crime scene.

Kinsey, a behavioral specialist, was lying on his back with both hands in the air in the middle of the roadway when he was shot in the leg by SWAT member Jonathan Aledda last July. Kinsey was trying to protect a severely autistic client named Arnaldo Eliud Rios. The case was reviewed by FDLE and they released a report late last year that is under review by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

Bryant won the city’s officer of the month award in November 2013 and in February 2016.

Charles Kinsey, the behavioral therapist who was shot by a North Miami police officer while trying to protect his client Arnaldo Rios, speaks with the media outside Aventura Hospital after meeting with Rios on July 28, 2016.

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