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She was ‘held hostage by a pimp’ and forced to work as hooker in South Beach, cops say

Kaleem Nurse
Kaleem Nurse Miami-Dade Corrections

A woman called 911 Sunday saying she was “being held hostage by a pimp and his girlfriend,” in a South Beach apartment, Miami Beach police said.

When officers arrived they found a woman with injuries on her face who said she had been working as a prostitute since late August for a man named Kaleem Nurse, according to a police report. Cops found another woman there as well, who they say was also a victim, not Nurse’s girlfriend.

Nurse, 24, was arrested Sunday and charged with human trafficking and deriving support from prostitution. He was being held Monday in Miami-Dade’s Metrowest Detention Center on a $30,000 bond.

According to police, an unnamed victim came to South Beach in August with a friend on vacation and met Nurse, who “treated her to food, drinks and clothes,” police said.

“After a few days the defendant told her that he was a pimp and that since he had invested money in her he expected her to pay him back,” an officer wrote in the report.

Nurse, police said, made the woman post ads on four different websites offering her services and forced her to make at least $500 before she could go to sleep. He told her to charge “$100 for a quick visit, $150 for a half hour and $200 for a full hour,” according to the report.

“The female was also ordered to work as a prostitute by picking up clients at bars/clubs in Miami Beach as well as on the street and charge at least $100 per session,” the officer wrote.

The woman told police she worked all but three days since late August.

On Oct. 4, police say she called 911 after returning to the room she was staying in South Beach to find a “white female in her bed wearing her clothing.” Nurse told her she was a new recruit and he wanted her to show her how to prostitute, according to the report.

The woman became upset, and Nurse hit her and threw her belongings outside, police said. Police told her to find another place to stay that night, according to the report.

Then on Oct. 6, the woman told police she had taken the new recruit out to work and they returned with $780 and gave it to Nurse. Nurse got mad after the woman told the new recruit that she can’t be “rude to clients.,” police said. Nurse then “pinned her down to the floor and allowed the white female to punch her in the face,” an officer wrote.

That’s when she went into the bedroom and called police. The other woman told officers she had come to Miami Beach in August with her mother and niece and stayed after meeting someone. On Oct. 3, according to the report, she had left an abusive relationship and was homeless when she met Nurse. She said Nurse told her he was a pimp and he could offer financial help.

Nurse told officers he didn’t know the women were working as prostitutes. But police say text messages on a phone belonging to one of the women “revealed that the defendant had knowledge that the females were engaging in prostitution and that he was directing them to work as prostitutes.”

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Carli Teproff grew up in Northeast Miami-Dade and graduated from Florida International University in 2003. She became a full-time reporter for the Miami Herald in 2005 and now covers breaking news.