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She stabbed her boyfriend. Then she killed her son and attempted suicide, police say

The Southwest 124th Place block where Nathaly Ramos’ mother lived with Ramos’ 2-year-old son Alphonse.
The Southwest 124th Place block where Nathaly Ramos’ mother lived with Ramos’ 2-year-old son Alphonse.

Before Nathaly Ramos stabbed her infant son in the throat and then tried to take her own life at her mother’s home, police say, she stabbed her boyfriend as he slept in his bed in another home. He awoke and managed to escape.

That’s when, police said, Ramos fled to her mother’s home, did harm to herself and killed her son, 2-year-old Alphonse.

The boyfriend, whose name had not been released by noon Monday, told police he woke up in severe pain, opened his eyes and saw Ramos with a knife and a Taser.

“The defendant chased the surviving victim until he locked himself in a room and she fled the scene,” an officer wrote in Ramos’ arrest affidavit.

Ramos, 22, and her son were rushed to Homestead Hospital by family members. The child died. Ramos, who police say showed up at the hospital with a knife in her hand and who had superficial cuts to her throat, was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon and attempted second-degree murder.

“The defendant admitted to stabbing the surviving victim, then fleeing the scene to her mother’s house. At her mother’s house the defendant stabbed the deceased victim in the throat and then attempted to kill herself but was stopped by one of the occupants of the house,” police wrote in her arrest affidavit.

Police say they were alerted to a stabbing incident at 28200 SW 124th Pl. just before 7 a.m. Sunday by a family member of Ramos. Alphonse lived there with Ramos’ mother. Police say Ramos is homeless.

When police got to the house they found “large amounts of blood on the floor,” but no one in the home. They rushed to the hospital, where they were told that Ramos’ boyfriend lived at another address.

Nathaly Ramos Booking Photo
Nathaly Ramos Miami-Dade Corrections

When police got to 27105 SW 133rd Ct., they found Ramos’ boyfriend bleeding from several stab wounds. He was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Police were able to speak with the boyfriend, who told them he didn’t realize he had been stabbed until he locked himself in a room to get away from Ramos.

Police who interviewed Ramos said she admitted to stabbing her boyfriend, then taking off to her mother’s home, where she killed her son then tried to take her own life. Ramos, who was denied bond, was taken to Turner Guilford Knight correctional center.

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U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show that more than 700,000 children are referred to child protective agencies as a result of abuse or neglect in the U.S. each year.

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