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Woman is accused of kicking a puppy in an Aventura condo elevator

Keevonna Wilson
Keevonna Wilson

An Aventura condominium’s elevator surveillance camera caught a common South Florida scene on Sept. 20: Chastity, a Shih-Tzu, scurrying onto the elevator ahead of the young woman taking it out for a walk.

What the Artech condominium camera caught next: 24-year-old Keevonna Wilson, cornering and repeatedly kicking Chastity.

Wilson stopped to press a button on the elevator control panel. Then, the 130-pound woman cornered the 10-pound puppy in the rear right corner and resumed kicking it from close range.

A week later, Aventura police arrested Wilson and charged her with animal cruelty. She posted $5,000 bond Sept. 28.

Miami-Dade Animal Services removed Chastity. Their veterinarian’s examination notes say Chastity was frightened at first, then became “friendly and easy to examine.”

But the vet also found, “Contusions bilaterally in abdominal area, contusions bilaterally in pinnae, pain upon palpation of lumbar spine and abdomen.”

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