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Fifth time’s the charm: Colombian beauty accused of $50K worth of jewelry theft (again)

Liliana Vanegas faces 5 counts of strong arm robbery, 3 counts of food or water poisoning, 3 counts of grand theft and 1 count of cocaine possession.
Liliana Vanegas faces 5 counts of strong arm robbery, 3 counts of food or water poisoning, 3 counts of grand theft and 1 count of cocaine possession.

Lilian Vanegas has a rap sheet that reads like a broken record.

Her four previous charges (accusing her of seducing and, at times, drugging men and stealing their expensive watches and jewelry) have brought the Colombian beauty’s name and mug shot to headlines again and again. After her original arrest in March, when an upset victim screamed and chased her, Miami police have connected Vanegas to multiple older crimes, including the one that led to last week’s arrest.

A witness from a Feb 21 crime recognized Vanegas, 24, from her mug shot and called the cops, resulting in her latest arrest.

Back in February, Miami police said a woman introduced the victim to Vanegas at a club. Not half an hour later, she suggested they head to his Brickell Avenue apartment.

The victim told police that once he was home, he was so tired “it was very difficult for him to stand up straight.” He and Vanegas staggered to his bedroom, where he passed out.

When he woke up the next afternoon, the woman and his glitzy jewelry were gone. Among the lost items were a $35,000 Rolex oyster perpetual watch with diamond bezel, a $13,000 Panerai watch, a $200 wallet, a $1,500 white gold chain, $800 Ray-Ban sunglasses, his phone and credit cards.

A witness told police he confronted Vanegas that night for trying to enter his bedroom. After he stopped her she left the apartment, and he and the victim told police they watched security camera footage the next morning showing her leaving with the victim’s belongings.

This arrest is one of several cases Miami police have linked the Miami resident to since her original arrest in March. Since then, her photo has circulated and at least three other men have stepped forward to claim that she was the thief in crimes dating back to February.

Vanegas’ first charge for seducing a man and stealing his Rolex was in March. Alvin Malhi, 40, said he took Vanegas back to his hotel room, but she left with his watch.

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“She said I don’t like young boys. I like men. I thought, ‘Wow, this must be my lucky day,’ ” he said.

Malhi helped police chase her and an accomplice down, ending in Vanegas’ arrest and infamous mug shot.

The next victim to cry foul was Robert Moccia. Miami police said when they arrested her for the Feb 19 incident, she was wearing the necklace Moccia had reported stolen.

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Vanegas’ third arrest followed charges from a couple who said they took her home in February and woke up missing nearly $14,000 worth of valuables.

In March, a Los Angeles doctor met Vanegas at Mynt nightclub. Jacob Sedgh woke up that morning missing his $10,000 watch.

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“It should be noted that the victim is a doctor and upon waking up he knew that he was drugged because he did not drink excessively that evening,” Miami Beach police officer Katrina Lugo-Martinez wrote in her report.

Once Miami police showed Sedgh her photo, they stopped by Vanegas’ condo and arrested her a fourth time.

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Vanegas, who has bonded out of jail after previous arrests, was still in custody Saturday. All together she faces five counts of strong arm robbery, three counts of food or water poisoning, three counts of grand theft and one count of cocaine possession.

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