Colombian beauty busted again after seduction, Rolex theft

Liliana Vanegas
Liliana Vanegas

Liliana Vanegas, the Colombian looker busted last week in Miami Beach for seducing a tourist and then stealing his Rolex, was done in again — this time by her photo.

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She was arrested last week for a similar crime to the Rolex theft after police showed her booking mug to a couple who took her home in February and claim they woke up the next morning with $14,000 in valuables missing.

“She’s been linked to several thefts,” said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez. “We’re still looking for others.”

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In her most recent arrest, Vanegas, 25, was charged with strong-arm robbery. On Monday, the Miami-Dade Corrections website said she was no longer in a county facility.

Vanegas’ original arrest on March 29 went viral for its sheer audacity — and because her victim was unusually forthcoming.

She was arrested by Miami Beach police after a 40-year-old Canadian businessman, who described himself as not especially attractive, said he took her back to his high-end hotel after she smiled at him as he was leaving a Miami Beach nightclub at 4 a.m.

They did shots then passed out, Alvin Malhi said. He awakened to find her getting dressed quickly and scampering out of the room — along with a $28,000 Rolex that Malhi said he spent years saving up for.

He chased her. She got in a cab. He yelled and she got out. She got in another cab. He screamed again and she got out. Then she called a friend who showed up in a Mercedes-Benz and whisked her away. Miami Beach cops caught up with the couple on the MacArthur Causeway and arrested them both.

While Vanegas was jailed, police in Miami and Miami Beach started passing her photo around. First Miami cops linked her to a man named Robert Moccia, who said he met her at Mango’s on South Beach at 4 a.m. Feb. 19 and invited her to his condo.

Once there, Moccia told police, Vanegas must have drugged him and then ripped off more than $30,000 worth of valuables.

Among the items stolen: A $1,000 Versace chain and a $25,000 Rolex.

Last week Miami Beach police arrested Vanegas for the third time. The ripoff happened Feb. 15 after Vanegas met a couple at a nightclub called Rockwell Miami. They said they took her home. Then, the couple claimed, they fell asleep and woke up $13,700 worth of valuables poorer.

Vanegas was nowhere to be found.

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