Florida Keys

Keys felon gets prison time for his gun and ammo collection

Garrett Jerome McAdams.
Garrett Jerome McAdams. Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Key West felon will serve 37 months in federal prison for illegal possession of firearms after federal agents found an arsenal of weapons and ammunition at his home last year.

Garrett McAdams, 50, a real estate broker, took a plea deal in April with prosecutors agreeing to dismiss one of the two possession charges.

He faced up to 10 years for the other, but Judge Jose Martinez took it easier on him at the sentencing hearing July 8 at U.S. District Court in Miami.

McAdams asked for mercy, telling the court his wife has been hospitalized for months with severe medical problems and that his parents are in their 80s with medical issues of their own.

He also said he has a history of alcohol abuse, but a friend wrote a letter of support saying he was sober at the time of his 2018 arrest.

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His wife, Jennifer McAdams, told the court he has been fighting alcohol addiction since he was a teenager.

McAdams was arrested after meeting with an undercover federal agent June 28, 2018, at a Key West hotel parking lot.

He had advertised a handgun on a website for $375. After the sale, agents followed him home and found a large collection of guns and ammunition, including 31 pounds of smokeless propellant powder, in his Eagle Avenue home.

Agents searched his home and found his collection of guns and ammunition. He had rifles, shotguns and revolvers, along with an ammunition reloading machine and 24 assorted magazines.

McAdams isn’t allowed to have firearms under federal law because he is a convicted felon.

In 2015, McAdams was convicted of DUI causing serious bodily injury, which was his third DUI, in Monroe County. He also served about a year in federal prison in 1991 after an investigation by the FBI that produced harassment charges.