Florida Keys

Undercover agents caught felon selling a gun. They searched his house and found an arsenal.

A Key West Realtor with a history of driving drunk stockpiled 30 guns and several pounds of smokeless and black powder in his home, police said.

Garrett Jerome McAdams, 49, was arrested for being a convicted felon possessing firearms after trying to sell a handgun to an undercover federal agent on Thursday, according to an arrest report.

McAdams was found out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives whose agents found him selling guns on GunBroker.com.

The agent, assisted by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration, planned a meeting at 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn, 3852 N. Roosevelt Blvd. McAdams showed up with a 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson M & P Shield handgun, which he was selling for $375. The gun type retails at $449.

After the sale, McAdams left but was pulled over by police. He agreed to let them search his home at 4139 Eagle Ave. to look for the other gun he was trying to sell online.

McAdams had more than a couple guns inside his house, police said. The final tally was about 9,913 rounds of various ammunition, 15 semi-automatic pistols, three revolvers, nine rifles, two shotguns, an ammunition reloading machine and several pounds of black powder.

In 2015, McAdams was convicted of DUI causing serious bodily injury, which was his third DUI, in Monroe County and is still on community supervision. He also served about a year in federal prison in 1991 after an investigation by the FBI that produced harassment charges.