Broward County

Broward Sheriff in good spirits day after being struck by truck in Davie


Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is in good spirits a day after being struck by truck while jogging in Davie.

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“How you feeling today?”

“Like I just went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in his prime. I’m just blessed, so blessed to be talking today.”

That was Israel telling Jimmy Cefalo on News Radio 610 WIOD about his close call Tuesday night.

The sheriff suffered a broken toe after being hit by a pickup at Hiatus and SW 42nd Court.

“I was very lucky to get my body out of the way as much as I did. Got hit in the elbow, landed on my wrist and she ran over my foot, so I got a broken toe, but all things considered I’m very fortunate, very lucky,” he said.

While Israel is in good spirits, Donna Henderson is still shaken up about hitting the sheriff.

“It just was a nightmare for me. I don’t know how it was for him, but for me it’s a nightmare,” she said. “It was just a very, simple small accident and I’m thankful that he wasn’t hurt really bad. He’s a nice man, he was nice to me.”

A 911 call captured the frantic moments following the accident.

“I was coming around onto my street and a man, I don’t know where, and I hit him,” a shaken Henderson told the operator.

Henderson did not realize at first who she hit, but she quickly found out.

“One of the gentleman who stopped his truck to help me out, he was crouched down by me and she was, the lady was trying to get 911, so I just said something like, ‘Tell them I’m a police officer.’ And the lady goes. ‘OK, OK,’ and the guy looks at me and goes, ‘Lady, you didn’t hit a police officer, you just hit the sheriff,’” the sheriff explained with a laugh.

Sheriff Israel said his days of jogging near cars are over. He plans to go to a park now to get his exercise. As for Henderson, who was cited for failure to use due care, he said no hard feelings.

“She’s a lovely woman. She stopped, she did everything she could for me and you know, just turned to my side of the roadway. I guess that’s why they call them accidents,” he said.