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‘Dude, I’ve been shot’: Police release 911 calls of fatal Davie road-rage incident

Last month, two men got into a road-rage fight after one driver cut off the other on Flamingo Road in Davie. It ended in bloodshed, with both men fatally shooting each other.

Davie police have released the 911 calls that shed a little more light on what happened on June 7 that killed two fathers — Keith Byrne and Andre Sinclair.

Police reports say that Byrne, who was driving a white pickup truck, cut off Sinclair’s BMW, which his girlfriend was driving. When they got to a red light, both men got out of their vehicles. As Byrne tried to apologize, Sinclair shot him and Byrne fired back.

Byrne’s friend was on the phone and heard everything. Sinclair’s girlfriend was still in the car waiting at the light.

Byrne was shot once in the chest, while Sinclair was shot several times. Byrne died in his truck and Sinclair later died at Broward Health Medical Center.

The four 911 calls police released Wednesday are from two bystanders, Byrne’s friend and Sinclair’s girlfriend.

The first caller was a bystander who was within feet of the shooting. He told police there was a shootout and one of the two men wasn’t there anymore.

“I was driving and the guy in front of me stopped and got out of his car and started to shoot at another car,” the man told the operator.

The man in front of him got out of a black BMW and was shooting at a white pickup truck, the man said.

The second caller was also a bystander.

“There is a guy in a white truck hunched over with a gun at his side,” the man reported.

The caller said that Byrne’s truck had hit a guardrail and ran over a sign, but he could see Byrne was passed out when it happened.

Toward the end of the call, the man told the operator that Byrne, “is shaking and moving. He’s got a medical issue.”

Byrne’s friend was the third caller who alerted 911. He said he was on the phone with him for only a few minutes when Byrne told him he accidentally cut someone off. Byrne said he was going to apologize.

“He pulled up next to him and lowered his window to tell him ‘Hey, my bad,’ and they shot at him. It sounded like gunshots,” he told an operator. “He said, ‘Dude, I’ve been shot I’ve been shot.’”

Byrne had told his friend “he felt really bad” about cutting the man off.

The last call was from Sinclair’s girlfriend. Her voice was shaking and it sounded like she was on the verge of tears as she relayed what happened.

She told the operator they were coming down Flamingo Road, and she was driving, when a person cut them off. Sinclair got upset, she said.

“I was like, ‘Leave it alone because we have our baby in the car. It is not a big deal,’” she told the operator.

But Sinclair couldn’t “leave it alone.”

“I was waiting on this red light and he just got mad and I tried to stop him, but he jumped out the car and shot the guy,” she said.

When she heard the gunshots she tried to get off the road because her baby was scared.

“I just got into a panic. I don’t even know what happened. I didn’t even see it, I just heard it,” she said.

Davie police said that had Sinclair survived, he would have been charged with the murder of Byrne.

A Facebook group, called In Loving Memory of Keith Byrne, and a GoFundMe were created to remember Byrne and support the family. He was a father of three and former U.S. Marine.

A GoFundMe was also created for Andre Sinclair to raise money to support his baby.