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NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen accuses 5-year-old of defacing mansion with crayons

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The legal battle over a trashed mansion between NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen and lawyer-turned-stand-up-comic Lindsay “The Alphabitch” Glazer Woloshin isn’t over yet.

Earlier this month, Pippen amended his lawsuit to accuse an unexpected person of vandalizing his Fort Lauderdale mansion: Glazer Woloshin’s 5-year-old daughter. The amended lawsuit says the girl defaced his property with crayons and markers and that her vandalizing ways show Glazer Woloshin and Jacob Woloshin failed as parents.

It also added negligence and vicarious liability to the original accusations of conversion and breach of lease.

Pippen is suing for $109,317.62 to reimburse his trust, Scottie M. Pippen Revocable Trust, for the damages done to the six-bedroom mansion.

The story behind the lawsuit started back in September 2017. After Hurricane Irma tore through South Florida, the Woloshins were looking for temporary housing because their home had been damaged by the storm.

Glazer Woloshin entered into a rental agreement with Pippen’s trust to move into his fully furnished mansion, which was on the market for about $10 million.

The pair moved in with their daughter, a lab dog, a cat and a nanny/housekeeper.

She paid a $50,000 security deposit, but the original lawsuit suggests that it wouldn’t come close to covering the damage to the mansion. Some of those damages were allowing animals to pee on anything they chose, damaging the front gate and destroying “countless cabinets and drawers,” the suit says.

The Woloshins’ attorney, Marc A. Kuperman, told the Daily Business Review that his clients acknowledged that some damage may have been done to the home, but nothing close to what the lawsuit alleges.

Kuperman told the newspaper that there was no need to put the child in the lawsuit.

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