Broward County

12-year-old posted Snapchat threats to shoot up school because she was bullied, cops say

A 12-year-old girl is facing felony charges after police say she posted threats on Snapchat that she would “shoot someone” at her Pembroke Pines school, according to police.

Police said the unidentified girl, who attends Pembroke Pines Charter Central, admitted posting the threats because she had been bullied.

According to Pembroke Pines police, an anonymous call reporting the Snapchat messages came in Monday. Pembroke Pines Charter Central’s School Resource Officer William Pleasants “was immediately alerted and took the 12-year-old female suspect into custody,” police said in a news release.

The girl’s mom was called as was the department’s Threat Assessment Team.

“Our investigation revealed that the suspect’s Snapchat posts stated, ‘if I get this one more time I will shoot someone,’ and ‘no one go to school tmrrw,’ police said. “The suspect admitted to posting the messages, and stated that she wrote them due to being bullied in school.”

The girl told police she doesn’t have access to a gun. Police said no weapons were found during a search of the girl and her belongings.

She was charged with a second-degree felony for making a false report concerning the use of a firearm in a violent manner and was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

In recent months — following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Feb. 14, 2018 — the FBI and local law enforcement agencies teamed up to launch a campaign dubbed #ThinkBeforeYouPost to warn people that making threats is a federal crime.

In October and September, Pembroke Pines police arrested at least five students on a felony charge after making false threats at their schools.

On Oct. 30, 19-year-old Jeremy Ossa was arrested after police say he said he planned on going to a pawnshop, buying a sniper rifle and shooting up Somerset Academy North in Miramar in Broward County.

In an 11-day stretch between September and October, four students were arrested, including a 13-year-old Pines Middle School student who said it was a joke when he posted on Instagram that he was going to shoot up the school.

Pembroke Pines police used Monday’s incident to once again urge parents to speak to their children about making threats.

“All threats made against our schools will be taken seriously, and will be swiftly investigated by our department,” the department said in a news release. “These are severe offenses, and any individual determined to have committed such acts will be charged accordingly. Please educate your children on the seriousness of these crimes, and help us prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future.”