South Florida

Need a last-minute Christmas present? Some stores are open


Christmas is upon us, and wouldn’t you know it, you haven’t quite finished up your shopping. Breathe. You’ve still got a few options.

Throughout South Florida, some retailers are open Thursday, including Walgreens and CVS, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, some Starbucks coffee shops, Fort Lauderdale’s Swap Shop and local kosher markets.

(Don’t even try Publix, Winn-Dixie, Epicure Market, Total Wine & More, IKEA, department stores and most other chains. All are closed.)

For the desperate and shopping-challenged, here are a few unconventional ideas for Christmas Day rescues:

▪ Tickets to the symphony, ballet or a musical performance

▪ A massage or other spa service, purchased directly from the spa online or from

▪ Discount coupon for yoga classes, dinner, healthy food delivery or a beauty treatment from sites such as Groupon, Dealsaver, LivingSocial or Travelzoo

▪ A home-made “coupon” for baby sitting, work around the house or a weekend getaway

▪ Subscription to Netflix or Hulu

▪ Museum membership

▪ A charitable contribution made in the giftee’s honor

If all else fails, you can always snag a gift card. Drug stores carry cards for a variety retailers, and many stores and services offer eGift cards online.

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